Robber left fighting for his life after Swedish police shoot him in the HEAD after armed robbery

Robber left fighting for his life after Swedish police shoot him in the head during armed heistFire exchange between police and armed robbers caught on cameraFour men with AK47 assault rifles robbed jewellery shop in Sweden One robber shot in the head by police left with life-threatening injuries By Sara Malm PUBLISHED: 02:24 GMT, 6 January 2013 | UPDATED: 03:14 GMT, 6 January 2013 Swedish police left an armed robber fighting for his life after they shot him in the head during a dramatic lunchtime fire-exchange. The 26-year-old man and three accomplices armed with AK47 assault rifles robbed a small jewellery shop in a shopping centre – located just 200 metres (650 ft) from the police station

Is it really the same guy? What happened when a man spent an entire YEAR without shaving

Is it really the same guy What happened when a man spent an entire YEAR without shavingDave Phillips, 27, preparing to finally lop beard off on New Year's DayWill be able to give newborn baby girl a smooth kiss for the first timeChallenge so far raised 1,000 for armed forces charity Help 4 Heroes | UPDATED: 21:55 GMT, 27 December 2012 A father is preparing to kiss his newborn baby for the first time after he went the whole of 2012 without shaving. Dave Phillips, 27, took part in last year's Movember, but thought one month without shaving was too easy. So the warehouse worker took facial hair growing to the next level by not shaving for a whole year

Taliban kill five women polio aid workers in Pakistan as they administer vaccines to children

Taliban kills five women aid workers in Pakistan as they administer polio vaccineFour women aid workers gunned down in the southern city of Karachi and another killed in a village outside the north-west city of PeshawarAid workers were administering polio jabs as part of 3-day vaccination driveTaliban claim the campaign to immunise children is a cover for U.S. spies | UPDATED: 17:20 GMT, 18 December 2012 The Taliban murdered five women polio health workers in a series of attacks in Pakistan today

Canvey Junior School in Essex criticised for dumping traditional nativity in favour of a cops and robbers themed play

Away in a manger, two crooks stole the bed: How one school decided to change the story of ChristmasEssex school criticised by parents for dumping traditional nativity playCanvey Junior School is staging a 'cops and robbers' themed playOne parent has withdrawn their child and parents have said the play is inappropriate following a number of armed robberies in the town | UPDATED: 13:00 GMT, 1 December 2012 A primary school has been criticised after they ditched the traditional Christmas nativity, opting to stage a 'cops and robbers' themed play. Parents have been left fuming by the school's decision to choose the modernised play, in which their children sing Away in a Manger with a completely different set of lyrics. The play, which will be performed by 11-year-olds at Canvey Junior School in Essex, gets rid of traditional characters Mary and Joseph, instead focusing on the tale of two violent robbers.

Teenage burglar disturbed by homeowner spent 13 HOURS in wardrobe as police examined property then fled with valuables

Teenage burglar hid in wardrobe for 13 HOURS as police hunted for clues – then fled with camera and laptop as owner slept Aaron Bradford, 18, hid in the house from 3pm until 4am as police searched He fled with a camera, laptop and cash after the owner went to bed Teenager then used two bank cards from the house to withdraw cashPreviously involved in armed robbery in which a girl was used as 'bait' Sentenced to five years in a young offenders' institution after 'full admission' | UPDATED: 23:58 GMT, 26 November 2012 Brazen: Aaron Bradford was disturbed by the owner just before 3pm and then hid in the house until 4am, when he sneaked out with a laptop, camera and cash A burglar who was disturbed during a break-in when his victim returned home hid in a wardrobe for 13 hours before continuing his robbery. Aaron Bradford, 18, dived into the cupboard in a house in Yelverton, Devon, when the owner came back at 2.40pm and discovered that it had been ransacked. After the police were called, officers arrived at the house while Bradford kept quiet in his hiding place.