Boris Berezovsky dead: Exiled Russian tycoon found at his mansion in Surrey

Another Kremlin enemy dies: Exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky found dead in bath at Berkshire house after 'losing all his millions' Boris Berezovsky, 67, is 'found dead in a bath' at an Ascot homeExile 'suffered depression over financial woes and harassment from Russia'Survived assassination attempts, including bomb that decapitated his driver Russian tycoon was former Kremlin insider who became its fierce criticHad reportedly 'lost all his millions' after expensive court cases By Anna Edwards and Robert Verkaik PUBLISHED: 17:41 GMT, 23 March 2013 | UPDATED: 03:22 GMT, 24 March 2013 Boris Berezovsky, the British-based Russian oligarch who was one of Vladimir Putin’s fiercest opponents, was found dead at his home yesterday.

Lord Sugar attacks "deluded" Apprentice winner Stella English who "thought she would get pay off"

'Stella wants money but I won’t give into blackmail': Lord Sugar loses his 'cool' in attack on Apprentice winner who 'thought she would get pay off to avoid a tribunal' Lord Sugar told tribunal that Apprentice winner's claims are 'blunt lies'He branded Stella English, who won 100,000 role in 2010, 'suspicious and untrusting'Millionaire accuses 34-year-old of trying to extract money from him Contestant claims she was an 'overpaid lackey' and 'there was no job' By Alasdair Glennie PUBLISHED: 14:16 GMT, 7 March 2013 | UPDATED: 00:44 GMT, 8 March 2013 His volcanic boardroom rants are the reason millions have tuned in to watch eight series of The Apprentice. But Lord Sugar’s eruptions aren’t just for the cameras.

Young male lion rescued from wire snare that was trapped round his neck for three years in Tanzania

Incredible story of how the lion condemned to death when his neck was caught in a poacher's snare survived for THREE YEARS after he was fed by his brothers and sisters Lion first spotted with the snare caught around its neck in Mikumi National park in Tanzania in 2009The snare was slowly garroting him to death as he grew in size Varying terrain meant that several attempts to tranquilise the male lion failed But he was kept alive by his pride of lions who brought him food Rangers at Mikumi National Park finally managed to free the lion in August The lion was recently snapped in the wild on the road to recovery | UPDATED: 22:46 GMT, 23 December 2012 A young male lion caught in a snare which slowly tightened around his neck as he grew older has been saved after a rescue operation was launched. The lion was first spotted trapped in the snare in Mikumi National park in Tanzania back in 2009 but several attempts to rescue him failed

"Mother, 27, and partner kept four-year-old son in locked room and fed him SALT before battering him to death"

Mother, 27, and partner 'kept four-year-old son in locked room and fed him SALT before battering him to death' | UPDATED: 00:17 GMT, 21 December 2012 A mother and her partner kept her four-year-old son locked in a room, denying him food and feeding him salt before battering him to death, a court heard yesterday. Magdelena Luczak, 27, and her partner Mariusz Krezolek, 33, are accused of assaulting and killing her son Daniel Pelka on March 3 this year. The couple pleaded not guilty to murder when they appeared at Birmingham Crown Court

Business Minister Michael Fallon will set out measures to prevent regulators from stifling small business

Bonfire of red tape to liberate small firms in fresh crackdown on council and quango jobsworthsSmall business regulators warned they face a 'bonfire of excessive red tape'Move ordered by Business Minister Michael Fallon Dramatic overhaul of guidelines planned for 'men with clipboards'George Osborne set out 'package of measures' to tackle regulation last week | UPDATED: 01:28 GMT, 15 December 2012 Easing the burden: Business Minister Michael Fallon will set out measures aimed at preventing regulators from burdening small businesses Council and quango jobsworths who regulate small businesses face a ‘bonfire of excessive red tape’ in a fresh crackdown on their box-ticking culture. Ministers want to prevent regulators from needlessly burdening businesses and stifling economic growth

Pioneering breast cancer treatment turns tumours into a ball of ice which kills harmful tissue

Pioneering breast cancer treatment freezes tumours into a ball of ice which kills harmful tissue Needle cooled to -170C with liquid nitrogen repeatedly inserted into cancerous tissue Device turns cancerous tumour into 'ball of ice' Technique developed by Israel-based firm could be completed in 15 minutes without need for surgeryCryoablation could one day be used to treat kidney, prostate and liver cancer | UPDATED: 12:30 GMT, 9 December 2012 Surgery may soon be a thing of the past for breast cancer patients, thanks to a new technique that destroys tumours by freezing them.

Emergency workers battle for four hours to rescue Chinese farmer stuck in mud after silt pit collapsed

Emergency workers battle for four hours to rescue Chinese farmer stuck in mud after silt pit collapsed | UPDATED: 21:19 GMT, 29 November 2012 A team of Chinese firefighters battled for four hours to save a man stuck waist-deep in a mud pit after trying to dig a well. Farmer Huang Changsheng was digging a water tank in his banana field in Zhongshan, Guangdong province when he began sinking into the wet soil.