Sex offender Opemipo Jaji, 18, "raped schoolgirl, 11, repeatedly in Enfield park and filmed it"

Sex offender, 18, 'raped 11-year-old schoolgirl repeatedly in park then told her he would show film of attack to friends and those she loved'Opemipo Jaji is accused of raping a school girl after following her home Allegedly dragged girl into a park in Enfield, north London, last NovemberCourt heard he told victim he would stab her and put a glove in her mouthJaji admitted sexually assaulting another girl in 2011, Old Bailey heard ” class=”blkBorder” /> Police search teams in Jubilee Park in Enfield looking for clues at the time of the rape in November 2012 The girl said her attacker was a black man with a small afro, dressed in grey and black and wearing an ‘opaque’ headdress. Jurors at the Old Bailey have been told Jaji will claim he has been wrongly identified – though prosecutors say blood found on his shoes and bag match the girl’s DNA with a one-in-a-billion match. She said: ‘He stank just like he hadn’t had a bath

Has DOG meat been found in our food? New takeaway horror after experts discover "mystery meat" in a lamb curry

Has DOG meat been found in our food New takeaway horror after experts discover 'mystery meat' in a lamb currySamples of curries and kebabs from six outlets in London were testedThe meat in a lamb curry could not be identified as common animal sourceOne burger contained no beef at all other than blood and heartBeef in another dish was found to contain chicken material including blood By Sean Poulter PUBLISHED: 19:22 GMT, 26 March 2013 | UPDATED: 19:23 GMT, 26 March 2013 A mystery meat, which has defied the best efforts of scientists to identify it, has been found in a lamb curry as part of an investigation into food fraud. The discovery raises new questions about just what is going into the nation’s takeaways and processed foods. A BBC documentary to be aired on BBC3 tonight sent samples of curries and kebabs bought from six outlets in London for laboratory tests.

Caffrey, the amazing moggie who survives on two legs… and they"re both on the same side!

Caffrey, the amazing moggie who survives on two legs… and they're both on the same side! Black Persian lost his left hind leg some ten years ago after being run over by a car aged threeAfter 3,500 worth of operations, he battled on with his lifeThe tragedy struck four months ago when he was forced to have his front left leg amputatedAnother 4,000 operation and the fearless feline is still bounding about despite having no left-side legs By Paul Harris PUBLISHED: 22:29 GMT, 8 February 2013 | UPDATED: 09:17 GMT, 9 February 2013 Climbing trees, chasing mice, showing off to the ladies . . .

Dave sees red at Arrows "axe"

Dave sees red at Arrows 'axe' By Black Dog PUBLISHED: 22:25 GMT, 2 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:41 GMT, 3 February 2013 A sense of humour can be a dangerous thing, David Cameron learned after teasing hacks on board his plane during his North Africa tour. Rebuking one paper for claiming the SAS faced the chop, he said: ‘It’s total rot. I suppose tomorrow there’ll be a headline Red Arrows To Be Scrapped and the day after, Trooping The Colour Abandoned.’ Sure enough, when he landed in the UK yesterday, one front page screamed: Red Arrows Face Axe.

Cat with eyebrows "Sam" becomes a worldwide Instagram hit

This is bound to raise a few eyebrows! Meet Sam the cat whose funny black hair has made him an internet hitSam the cat has only one expression thanks to his 'eyebrows' – worried His good humoured owner has posted 50 pictures of him online which have earned him worldwide internet fame also saw plans for the world's first Internet Cat Video Film Festival, which featured home videos of cats doing 'adorable activities.'

Binmen collect rubbish once in EIGHT WEEKS because it was "too dark" for them to see binbags

Binmen collect rubbish once in EIGHT WEEKS because it was 'too dark' for them to see binbagsMassive pile of 70 bags has built up in block of flats in Colchester, EssexBin men claim EU says they can't put their hands where they can't see them By Leon Watson PUBLISHED: 11:20 GMT, 4 January 2013 | UPDATED: 14:57 GMT, 4 January 2013 A mountain of binbags has built up in a block of flats after council binmen made just one rubbish collection in eight weeks because of an EU law.

"It"s like losing a child": Owner of cocker spaniel stolen by callous gang tell of heartbreak at theft

'It's like losing a child': Owner of cocker spaniel stolen by callous gang tell of heartbreak at theft Melanie Parker is heartbroken after six-year-old Jarvis was takenThieves used bolt cutters to open his kennel in Miss Parker's gardenHe was one of three cocker spaniels stolen in 24 hours by gang By Inderdeep Bains PUBLISHED: 22:33 GMT, 1 January 2013 | UPDATED: 18:07 GMT, 2 January 2013 The owner of a cocker spaniel that was stolen by a gang of serial dognappers has said the theft was ‘like losing a child’. Six-year-old Jarvis was taken by thieves who broke into the Hampshire cottage of Melanie Parker. Speaking last night, the 36-year-old said: ‘I’m absolutely devastated that someone could do this

Deathbed dream puzzles of renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa finally solved – 100 years after he died

Deathbed theory dreamt by an Indian maths genius is finally proved correct – almost 100 years after he died Theory came to Srinivasa Ramanujan in a dream on his deathbed in 1920 – but has never been provedDiscovery could now be used to explain the behaviour of parts of a black hole | UPDATED: 12:09 GMT, 29 December 2012 Srinivasa Ramanujan, described as a 'natural genius', has finally had the mathematical functions he came up with on his deathbed proved correct Researchers have finally solved the cryptic deathbed puzzle renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan claimed came to him in dreams. While on his death-bed in 1920, Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor, English mathematician G. H.

Caught in a catnapper"s tuna trap: Family lost four pets to gardener

Family thought their cats had run away… but neighbour had caught them in tuna-baited traps to stop them fouling his gardenGordon Wilson, 74, baited a home-made trap with tuna to capture petsThe pensioner hated the cats for fouling his immaculate garden One pet returned home only to be run over because it was so disorientatedAnother was found trapped in a cage in a bush by its owner at 1am | UPDATED: 23:36 GMT, 27 December 2012 When three of their cats vanished without trace, the Wilcocksons thought they had simply run away

We"re all fatter than we think, with women underestimating their weight by an average of 5lb

We're all fatter than we think, with women underestimating their weight by an average of 5lb Nearly half of parents of obese children thought their child was 'about the right weight'Women aged 35 to 39 underestimated their weight the most and thought they were 8lbs lighter than they were | UPDATED: 23:13 GMT, 20 December 2012 It will be little consolation to any woman who has stood in a changing room fretting about whether her bottom looks big – and any man who has desperately tried to convince her that it doesn’t. We’re all fatter than we think we are, a study claims, and women are most likely to be guilty of underestimating their size. It seems the average woman is actually 5lb heavier than she believes she is – and those in their late 30s are the most optimistic, convinced they weigh half a stone less than they really do.