Drivers face MoT failure and rising repair bills as European rules impose 20 additional safety checks on brakes, steering, and lighting

Drivers face MoT failures and rising repair bills as EU imposes twenty ADDITIONAL safety checks on brakes, steering, and lightingThousands of drivers who ignore dashboard warning-lights face the chargesThe European rule changes reflect the massive growth in in-car electronics New changes aim to establish minimum technical standards across Europe but on an advisory-only basis. From today any defects could mean a failed test. Rory Carlin, of Halfords Autocentres, said: 'We have been preparing for these changes and offering advice to motorists for more than a year now in order to help them stay on the road and ensure the safety of the vehicles they drive.

Disability handouts to be cut or stopped for 330,000 claimants as Government aims to end "welfare for life"

Disability handouts to be cut or stopped for 330,000 claimants as Government aims to end 'welfare for life'New figures show 71 per cent of claimants do not go through proper checksWithout reform, one in every 17 adults would be claiming DLA by 2018 says Disability minister | UPDATED: 00:26 GMT, 13 December 2012 Benefits clampdown: Disability minister Esther McVey defends change The Government is to reduce or stop disability allowance for hundreds of thousands of claimants in a bid to end unchecked ‘welfare for life’. The clampdown comes as new figures suggest that seven in ten of those claiming the benefit go through the system without proper checks

Pictured: Professor Poliakoff takes TV cameras inside the Bank of England"s gold bullion vault where 197BILLION of the precious metal is stored

Look but don't touch! Rare glimpse of the gold bullion worth 197BILLION hidden deep under the Bank of England Cavern hidden deep under London holds gold haul weighing 4,600 tonnesGold bars are displayed 'just like duty-free chocolate at the airport' Professor given access to nation's extraordinary wealth for documentary Each shelf is worth 35million but exact location cannot be revealed | UPDATED: 22:43 GMT, 12 December 2012 Lying deep beneath the streets of London, hidden in the secret vaults of the Bank of England, is 4,600 tonnes of 'forgotten gold'.