Childless couple desperate to start family claim "mother" gave birth in Sierra Leone and smuggle in a baby

Married couple desperate to start a family after trying for 13 years smuggle a baby into the UK from Sierra LeoneRaymonde Miessan, 39, pretended she had given birth overseasShe and husband Kacou named the baby Matys, or 'gift from god'They were jailed for 12 months and the boy is now in careMrs Miessan said she did it to save the child's life and give him a future By Inderdeep Bains PUBLISHED: 12:06 GMT, 4 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:23 GMT, 5 February 2013 Faking it: Raymonde Miessan, 39, claimed she had given birth in her native country A childless couple smuggled an African baby into Britain and tried to pass him off as their own. When confronted by the authorities, they admitted the newborn was not theirs but claimed he had been rescued from a rubbish bin. Kacou Miessan, 44, and his wife Raymonde, 39, had unsuccessfully undergone IVF treatment after trying to conceive for more than 13 years

Free IVF for murderers is criminally offensive

Free IVF for murderers is criminally offensive | UPDATED: 00:13 GMT, 29 December 2012 Offensive: The European Court of Human Rights has decreed that convicted killers have an inalienable right to state-funded IVF How unimaginable must be the despair and disbelief of the many childless couples in Britain who long for a baby after learning that murderers and drug-dealers are to get state-funded fertility treatment while behind bars. Thanks to the vagaries of the NHS postcode lottery, so many law-abiding, hard-working couples struggle to receive even one free round of IVF