He"s gone all American. Guys, it"s where the money is

He's gone all American. Guys, it's where the money is By Quentin Letts PUBLISHED: 00:03 GMT, 19 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:03 GMT, 19 December 2012 Since Sunset Boulevard’s Norma Desmond, and surely before, old thesps have found it agony to retire. They have dreamed of reviving their glory years, of delighting once more their past, adoring public – only to find that the magic has vanished like morning’s gossamer.

Node: Introducing the amazing gadget that can measure anything

Gadget lovers rejoice: Introducing the Node – an amazing device that can measure just about anything, all via your iPhone The unassuming three-inch tube has a range of sensors that measure moisture, temperature, light, and colourThe basic motion-sensing device is already on sale at just over 90, with the screw-on sensors ranging from 16 to 47 | UPDATED: 19:00 GMT, 14 December 2012 It can take your temperature from two feet away, scan your house for leaky insulation, and determine the dampness of your basement. George Yu, a 30-year-old engineer living in Houston, has invented a multifaceted gadget called the Node, which he describes as 'a little Swiss Army knife of sensors'