Revealed, UK"s burglary black spots: Areas in Leeds and Bradford identified as most at risk by insurance companies

Revealed, UK's burglary black spots: London, Leeds and Bradford postcodes identified as 'most at risk' by insurance companiesLS13 is the UK’s worst burglary hot spotBradford postcode BD12 took second placeThe figures mean residents could pay 20 per cent more for home insurance in red and least claims in blue” class=”blkBorder” /> Hotspots: Map showing the postal regions in the UK that have made the most home insurance claims for burglary in 2012 in red and least claims in blue Worrying: Families in an area of Leeds are most at risk of being burgled, according to a league table that identifies Britain's most dangerous places to live. This is a file picture of the city centre Crime: Bradford postcode BD12, around five miles away from Leeds, took second place in the table Insurance companies use data on the number of burglaries per household to decide which areas should face the highest annual premiums.

Car insurance for women up 15% as new EU gender rules kick in next week

Car insurance for women up 15% ahead of new EU gender rules kicking in next week | UPDATED: 18:00 GMT, 14 December 2012 Car insurance quotes for women are up 15 per cent, or 114 on average, ahead of new European 'gender neutral' rules which kick in next week. A car insurance quote for women is now 862 on average – up from 748 six weeks ago, according to price comparison website

How using Facebook and Twitter in bed is ruining our sex lives

Too much tweeting to woo: How using Facebook and Twitter in bed is ruining our sex lives Nearly 50 per cent of adults admit spending 90 minutes online once they've got into bed | UPDATED: 09:13 GMT, 13 December 2012 Social networking is ruining Britons' sex lives because they are wasting too many evening hours online. People are going to sleep 90 minutes later than 10 years ago – becasue they sit in bed using Facebook and Twitter, it has emerged. A typical adult now drops off at midnight, compared with 10.30pm ten years ago.