Coutts & Co: Lotto couple who won 1million want compensation from Queen"s bank after "wrong advice" left them with just 10k-a-year…

Lotto couple who won 1million want compensation from Queen's bank after 'wrong advice' left them with just 10k-a-year to live onThe couple from Devon are now hoping to win a substantial amount of compensation from the 320-year-old private bankAllege they should have been treated as 'vulnerable people' due to the unexpected surprise of their overnight win in 2001 | UPDATED: 17:25 GMT, 22 December 2012 The bank used by the Queen is being chased for compensation by a couple who won 1million, but were left with 10,000 a year to live on after being given the ‘wrong advice’.

Kristy Cadman-Jones death: Coroner challenges groom over new wife"s heroin overdose on honeymoon

'Did you intend your bride to die' Coroner stuns groom at inquest with challenge over new wife's heroin overdose on honeymoon Former journalist Kristy Cadman-Jones killed by overdose of pure heroin Hearing heard husband filled in life insurance claim form putting cause of death as 'heart and cardiovascular failure'Damian, 31, denies embalming his wife less than 48 hours after her death in order to prevent toxicology tests being carried outPair were on honeymoon in a dream four-week trip when 27-year-old died | UPDATED: 10:42 GMT, 7 December 2012 A coroner stunned an inquest into a honeymooner’s death by asking her husband if he had been involved. Kristy Cadman-Jones, 27, died of a drugs overdose at a luxury hotel in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, towards the end of a month-long tour of the Far East with Damian, 31.