Indian gang rape victim who died in hospital "was due to marry man she was with when she was attacked"

Mother of gang rape victim taken to hospital after collapsing at cremation as it emerges daughter was set to marry man she was with when attackedSix men charged with murder in the December 16 attack on a busGovernment promises to publish photos, names and addresses of rapistsWest Bengal unveils plans for 65 all-female police stations | UPDATED: 19:36 GMT, 30 December 2012 The mother of the young Indian woman who died after being raped by a gang of men was taken to hospital today after collapsing while her daughter was being cremated.

Hector "Macho" Camacho: Mother wails over her son"s dead body on display at open-casket wake in Puerto Rico

Agony of mother of slain boxing champion Hector 'Macho' Camacho as she lays out her son's body during open-casket wakeHector Camacho, 50, shot while sitting in a car in his native Puerto RicoHe was removed from life support on Sunday Friends and family mourned the loss of the welterweight champion at wake'They killed him,' mother cries | UPDATED: 04:43 GMT, 28 November 2012 Family, fans and fellow boxers said goodbye Tuesday to Hector 'Macho' Camacho at a memorial and wake for the slain former world champion fighter known for his flamboyance in and out of the ring. Hundreds of people filed past Camacho's open casket, displayed inside a gymnasium decked out for the occasion with black carpet and curtains. The boxer wore white, along with a large gold crucifix and a necklace spelling out his nickname, 'Macho,' in capital letters