"Disabled children cost too much and should be put down": Bizarre rant by councillor to disability charity

'Disabled children cost too much and should be put down': Calls for councillor to stand down after outrageous rantCllr Collin Brewer refuses to quit and has apologised to Disability CornwallTold BBC radio that the timing wasn't good because of upcoming elections Charity says his apology was an insult and he should quit his postDefended himself by saying he was 'hot under the collar' after a meetingMr Brewer forced to write apology a year and a half after offensive remark97 per cent of people in local paper poll say Mr Brewer should resignKatie Price tweeted 'How would you like to dispose of my son Harvey'Cornwall Council distanced itself from Mr Brewer's 'ignorant' comment By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 09:42 GMT, 27 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:54 GMT, 28 February 2013 Councillor Collin Brewer's remarks were described as 'depraved' but he is refusing to quit A councillor who told charity workers that disabled children should be put down is defying calls for him to quit.

Eastbourne care home under investigation over disabled residents using prostitutes and strippers

Eastbourne care home put under investigation for allowing disabled residents to use prostitutes and strippers 'so they can fulfill their primeval needs' Staff at home in Eastbourne, Sussex would call prostitutes for residentsLeft sex workers alone with disabled people and put red sock on the door so they weren't disturbedManagers defend policy as it 'protects residents' human rights' By Hugo Gye PUBLISHED: 14:16 GMT, 28 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:02 GMT, 28 January 2013 A care home has admitted to calling prostitutes for disabled residents who are otherwise unable to have sex. The home is now under investigation by the local council over concerns the bizarre set-up could place vulnerable residents at risk of being exploited.

Zimmerman: How bodyguards made Trayvon Martin killer vanish on first release – secret plan revealed in lawsuit

Quick change in the toilet, GPS trackers and body armour: The secret plan that let George Zimmerman vanish on first release revealed The plan included swapping vehicles and clothes on the way to a hideoutZimmerman, 29, is on $1million bail whilst awaiting his murder trialHis former bodyguards have filed a suit claiming he owes them $27,000 | UPDATED: 12:29 GMT, 28 December 2012 George Zimmerman is facing trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin which has sparked outrage across America.

Wealthy banker takes disabled elderly husband on "holiday of a lifetime" to India – and leaves him there as she was fed up paying for care…

Wealthy Swiss banker takes disabled elderly husband on 'holiday of a lifetime' to India – and leaves him there because she was fed up paying for care bills | UPDATED: 18:42 GMT, 20 December 2012 A wife who took her handicapped husband on a 'holiday of a lifetime' to India then dumped him there to save on care costs has been jailed for four years in Switzerland. The wealthy 65-year-old banker showed the wheelchair-bound 74-year-old videos of 'palm-fringed beaches and luxury hotels' to convince him to come on the trip. The woman – who had been paying 6,000 a month in care bills – then took him to a poverty-stricken suburb of New Delhi and paid a family 1,500 a month to take him in