Epilim: Autism risk of drug taken by thousands of mums for epilepsy

Autism risk of drug taken by thousands of mums for epilepsy: Up to 17,500 children affected since 1973, researchers believeAs many as one in three children born to mothers taking Epilim affectedDrug taken by about 21,500 women of childbearing age to control seizuresFamilies campaigning for manufacturer to withdraw the drug By Sophie Borland PUBLISHED: 00:54 GMT, 4 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:05 GMT, 4 February 2013 Dangers: Researchers have warned as many as one in three children born to mothers taking Epilim have developed autism or behavioural problems (file picture) An epilepsy drug taken by thousands of women has been linked to learning disabilities in children. Researchers say as many as one in three children born to mothers taking Epilim have developed autism or behavioural problems. They believe up to 17,500 children in Britain have been affected since 1973, when it was launched.

Spine zapper "fixes" backs

Spine zapper 'fixes' backs: New device using high-frequency electrical pulse to revolutionise back pain treatmentSpinal cord stimulator sends electrical pulses through the spineNevro is 200 times more powerful than current stimulators | UPDATED: 22:30 GMT, 29 December 2012 A new device that sends a high-frequency electrical pulse through the spine could revolutionise the treatment of severe back pain, according to a new study. A team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, is the first in the world to implant the Nevro spinal cord stimulator in 100 patients who would otherwise need surgery to stop their back pain. The device is less invasive than surgery and cheaper.

Comet closes for good: Taxpayer left with 50m bill as final stores shut their doors today

Comet shelves picked bare by Christmas shoppers as remaining stores prepare to close their doors today Bargain hunters queued outside Comet stores on the last day of tradingDejected staff were seen dismantling display cases and taking posters downStore accounts have insufficient funds to cover staff redundancy payments HM Revenue & Customs stands to lose 26.1million in uncollected taxComet's demise will now be investigated by the Insolvency Service | UPDATED: 20:44 GMT, 18 December 2012 Bargain hunters looking for Christmas presents have been stripping shelves bare at doomed Comet stores today – the High Street giant's last day of in-store trading.

Jack Rooke: Football-mad boy denied surgery to help him walk, despite living just miles from specialist hospital

Football-mad boy, 4, denied surgery to help him walk, despite just living seven miles from specialist hospital that could treat him Jack suffers from spastic cerebral palsy, meaning muscle tightness in his legs makes it impossible for him to walkAn operation that cuts the faulty nerves in the spine could improve his conditionHowever, his NHS Trust has refused to fund it, despite Jack only living seven miles from the specialist hospital that performs the surgery | UPDATED: 17:38 GMT, 18 December 2012 A football-mad four-year-old boy has been refused an operation to enable him to walk and play his favourite sport due to an NHS postcode lottery. Jack Rooke suffers from cerebral palsy but a procedure available at a hospital just seven miles away could make a dramatic difference to his life. His family have now launched an appeal to raise 35,000 to pay for the surgery privately after his local NHS trust refused to provide funding.

Children"s hair straighteners shelved after hundreds of young girls suffer serious burns

Children's hair straighteners shelved after hundreds of young girls suffer serious burnsChildren admitted to serious burns units increased from 162 in 2009 to 252 last yearFigures are the 'tip of the iceberg' and could be at least ten times higher | UPDATED: 00:33 GMT, 2 December 2012 Enlarge Fears: The Disney Princess Rapunzel Straighten and Crimp appliances have now been dropped by Argos High street stores are refusing to sell children’s hair straighteners after a dramatic increase in burns injuries. The brightly coloured straighteners – decorated with pictures of princesses, fairies and cartoon characters – are high on Christmas lists. But doctors are concerned by the increasing number of girls suffering burns and scars from the electrical appliances, which are being marketed with images more suitable for a toy

UK floods wreak havoc on houses thought to be protected by state of the art 1.7million flood defences

Deluged homeowners' fury at failure of 1.7m state-of-the-art defences which they celebrated with an 'end of flooding party' Distressed families said they were unprepared for flooding because they had been told the pumps would protect themValued possessions were washed away and villagers evacuatedA baby and a 90-year-old were rescued from their houses by boatWater rose four feet in just half an hour after electrical fault Parts of Britain experienced worst floods in 70 years | UPDATED: 13:42 GMT, 26 November 2012 Homeowners were today trying to repair the damage to their homes after a 1.7milllion flood defence system failed during torrential rain this weekend.