Sex offender Opemipo Jaji, 18, "raped schoolgirl, 11, repeatedly in Enfield park and filmed it"

Sex offender, 18, 'raped 11-year-old schoolgirl repeatedly in park then told her he would show film of attack to friends and those she loved'Opemipo Jaji is accused of raping a school girl after following her home Allegedly dragged girl into a park in Enfield, north London, last NovemberCourt heard he told victim he would stab her and put a glove in her mouthJaji admitted sexually assaulting another girl in 2011, Old Bailey heard ” class=”blkBorder” /> Police search teams in Jubilee Park in Enfield looking for clues at the time of the rape in November 2012 The girl said her attacker was a black man with a small afro, dressed in grey and black and wearing an ‘opaque’ headdress. Jurors at the Old Bailey have been told Jaji will claim he has been wrongly identified – though prosecutors say blood found on his shoes and bag match the girl’s DNA with a one-in-a-billion match. She said: ‘He stank just like he hadn’t had a bath

British families "self-segregate" as whites abandon urban areas for countryside

Rise of 'white flight': British families are 'self-segregating' as more Caucasians abandon urban areas for the countryside Trend has gone largely unnoticed because city centres appear diverseWell-off whites from diverse areas are moving to outer suburbs in drovesResearchers say better schools, fresher air and background may be factors By Emma Reynolds PUBLISHED: 12:55 GMT, 27 January 2013 | UPDATED: 14:03 GMT, 27 January 2013 Britain is 'self-segregating' as white families flee urban areas for the countryside and outer suburbs. The trend is causing an 'ethnic cliff', in which the proportion of households from minority backgrounds is vastly different in areas just a few miles apart. Some outer London boroughs – including Enfield, Waltham Forest and Redbridge – have seen their white British population drop by as much as a quarter over the past decade

Two men become first in Britain jailed for land banking fraud for 3m deception

Two men who masterminded 3m deception of elderly and vulnerable people become first in Britain to be jailed for land banking fraud Omar Eshpari and Stefan Mitchell set up a string of fraudulent companiesThey conned people into buying land that was worthless or over-pricedThey were jailed for seven and six years respectively todayCommander Steve Head said it was a 'landmark moment' for combating and preventing fraud | UPDATED: 21:51 GMT, 6 December 2012 Two men have become the first in Britain to be jailed for land banking fraud today after conning elderly and vulnerable people out of 3million. Omar Eshpari, 33, and Stefan Mitchell, 42, masterminded the deception, conning people into buying plots of land that were either worthless or massively over-priced

Teenager, 18, charged with rape of 11-year-old girl on way home from school

Teenager, 18, charged with rape of 11-year-old girl on way home from school The girl, wearing school uniform, was attacked in Jubilee Park, Enfield on Friday evening after getting off the school bus | UPDATED: 09:35 GMT, 29 November 2012 An 18-year-old man was today charged with the rape of an 11-year-old girl who was on her way home from school, police said.