Motorist, 64, fined 850 for LITTERING after he threw 30 parking ticket at PCSO who issued it

Motorist, 64, who screwed up 30 parking ticket and threw it at PCSO is fined 850 for LITTERINGTimothy Sawyer crumpled ticket and threw it from car in Horncastle, Lincs The 64-year-old told PCSO: 'I will f****** well park here'He then drove off, leaving the ticket on the road from enforcing 586 fixed penalty notices. All cash recovered – for everything from dog fouling to fly tipping and littering – is ploughed back into frontline services. 'Littering of any kind is illegal and is a common problem throughout the area of Rhondda Cynon Taf,' said Nigel Wheeler, council streetcare service director.

Chocolate, the treat we can"t do without: Sales stay at same level despite recession

Chocolate, the treat we can't do without: Sales stay at same level despite recessionMarket research firm Mintel believes that low cost treats will help fuel consumer spendingChocolate is recession proof because we turn to it as a treat By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 23:41 GMT, 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 02:47 GMT, 15 January 2013 We may be cutting back in all sorts of ways to survive the economic downturn but it seems there is one thing we can’t do without – chocolate. Sales have held up throughout the hard times of the last few years and will continue to do so in coming years, experts say

Cameron must defend the traditional family

Cameron must defend the traditional family | UPDATED: 22:46 GMT, 28 December 2012 Promises: David Cameron devoted much of his party conference speech this year to his own family story and his belief that 'family comes first' Today the Mail reveals how, by the time they are 14, only two-thirds of British children will be living with both their parents in a stable family environment. Disturbingly, the figure is one of the lowest in the western world – with only youngsters in Latvia, Estonia and Belgium less likely to grow up under the same roof as their mother and father, according to the OECD think-tank. Tellingly, in countries such as Germany and France, which offer tax breaks to encourage couples to remain together, levels of family break-up are significantly lower than in the UK, where no such financial support exists

Tally GO! 250,000 turn out for Boxing Day hunts as government say there are no plans to vote on repealing the ban

We can't win voted to end foxhunting, admit Tories as 250,000 supporters turn out in show of strength for Boxing Day hunts Countryside Alliance claims 250,000 people have turned out across Britain Hunts follow a pre-laid scent trail to avoid cruelty to animals Environment Secretary says no imminent prospect of parliamentary voteBan on hunting with dogs was passed under Labour in 2005Air ambulance rescue after woman is kicked by horse in Lancashire | UPDATED: 07:35 GMT, 27 December 2012 Thousands of supporters braved the wind and rain yesterday to provide a massive show of strength for Boxing Day hunts. More than 250,000 turned out to celebrate one of the highlights of the countryside calendar in the face of growing anger over the hunting ban

60mph winds to blow in: A brief respite, then gales and more rain are on their way

60mph winds to blow in: A brief respite, then gales and more rain are on their way | UPDATED: 01:11 GMT, 26 December 2012 The wet Christmas is set to last for several more days as rain and winds of up to 60mph lash the country. Heavy rain swept across England and Wales yesterday causing dangerous conditions for motorists and prompting further flooding fears

MPs may be sued over their second home profits if they refuse to hand over part of the profits they have made

MPs may be sued over their second home profits if they refuse to hand over part of the profits they have madeStandards authority will sue MPs who fail to return share of capital gainsAt least 10 MPs still to comply with expenses watchdogMPs forced to pay up tens of thousands since expenses scandal | UPDATED: 01:11 GMT, 24 December 2012 Former environment secretary Sir Jim Paice has agreed to pay 10,000 back to to the taxpayer The Commons expenses watchdog is preparing to take legal action against MPs who refuse to hand back a share of the profits they have made on taxpayer-funded second homes. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said it is looking at suing MPs who fail to return a share of the 'capital gain' from the increase in value of their homes over two years

Just a Mini problem! Car swept under bridge as owner tries to ford flooded river and rain brings chaos to Christmas travellers

Just a Mini problem! Car swept under bridge as owner tries to ford flooded river and rain brings chaos to Christmas travellers Families in Ystalyfera spend night in leisure centre after evacuationTonnes of earth crushed terraced houses in Pontypridd when wall collapsedWoman in Devon rescued by RNLI and fire crews after she was swept from her car Environment Agency issue 186 flood warnings and one severe flood warningRail routes under pressure as Christmas commuters try to get homeFirst Great Western advises passengers not to use trains in the South West Almost half of the expected monthly rainfall fell in one day in parts of UK Eleven families fled their homes in Wales over night after two landslides | UPDATED: 19:27 GMT, 23 December 2012 A 70 year old former Royal Marine has saved a woman from her sinking car after it was swept away by flood water and trapped under a bridge.

Prickly feat: The baby echidnas that are the first to be successfully bred from zoo-born parents

Snuggles from puggles: The tiny baby echidnas that can curl up in the palm of your hand Two short-beaked echidnas, Babbin and Nyingarn, were born at Perth Zoo The puggles are the first in the world to be bred by zoo-born parents | UPDATED: 17:21 GMT, 18 December 2012 They may look like adorable baby hedgehogs but these rare spiky puggles are the first echidnas to ever be bred from zoo-born parents. Two short-beaked baby echidnas – called puggles – Babbin and Nyingarn were born at Perth Zoo this August

"Frankenstein foods" a good thing? It"s all great GM lies

'Frankenstein food' a good thing It's all great GM lies | UPDATED: 23:44 GMT, 17 December 2012 There is no doubt that it was a declaration of the Government’s colours on genetically modified farming when Environment Secretary Owen Paterson rounded on critics of GM technology as ‘humbugs’ last week, and insisted GM food should be grown and sold widely in Britain. During the course of his ringing endorsement, he managed to spark outrage and alarm by claiming ‘there isn’t a single piece of meat being served [in a typical London restaurant] where a bullock hasn’t eaten some GM feed’

Government minister Owen Patterson says Britain would be better off out of Europe

‘Britain would be better off out of Europe’, says minister who wants more laws to be decided by UK parliament Environment minister Owen Paterson says Britain would 'do better making own laws'He calls TV gardener Alan Tichmarsh a 'muppet' over ash tree crisis criticismDenies Conservative Party has lost touch with country roots Reinforces Tory split over wind farms calling them 'inappropriate'Pledges to see through badger cullSlams fishing laws and pledges to end quota system | UPDATED: 18:04 GMT, 8 December 2012 A cabinet minister today said Britain would be better off out of Europe, declaring: 'We want our country back'. Referring to to the raft of directives that come from Europe, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Owen Paterson said Britain 'would do a lot better if we made more laws locally in our own Parliament'.