David Davies: Tory MP defends his outspoken views on gay marriage

'I've not had diversity training, so I can be a bit tactless': Extraordinary excuse from the Tory MP who claimed parents don't want gay children David Davies, 48, caused outrage saying parents don't want gay children Monmouth MP says he is 'tactless' and that thoughts are 'hard to articulate'Says he is 'changing' and now owns a Boy George CD which he 'loves' | UPDATED: 11:11 GMT, 22 December 2012 Outrage: David Davies MP upset equal rights campaigners when he said most parents wanted their children to be heterosexual. He defended his outspoken views, saying he has not had 'years of diversity training' Tory MP David Davies recently caused outrage when he suggested that parents wanted their children to be heterosexual and that plans to legalise gay marriage were 'barking mad'. Now the politician has attempted to defend his comments by saying that he has not 'done years of diversity training'

Cancer boy"s mother is more cruel than caring

Cancer boy's mother is more cruel than caring | UPDATED: 23:59 GMT, 21 December 2012 No one should doubt the sincerity of Sally Roberts in seeking alternative treatment for her gravely ill son, Neon, as he battles brain cancer. However misguidedly, she believes she has her boy’s best interests at heart. To that end, she went on the run with the seven-year-old, refusing to allow him the treatment that experts said would help save his life.

Simon Morris claims he was asleep and can"t remember alleged sex attack due to "sexsomnia"

I didn't rape girl of 15… I suffer from sexsomnia: Actor claims he was asleep and can't remember attack Simon Morris, 42, described history of having sex with partners while asleep Told Cardiff Crown Court he had tests to 'try to understand' the conditionStarred in film alongside Michael Caine, in Hollyoaks and the West End | UPDATED: 20:46 GMT, 13 December 2012 Sexsomnia: Actor Simon Morris, 42, pictured, who is accused of raping a teenage girl told Cardiff Crown Court that he had no recollection of the alleged rape An actor accused of raping a teenage girl yesterday blamed it on ‘sexsomnia’, a condition which he claims causes him to have sex in his sleep