Grandfather sells three-day-old baby on Facebook after telling his own daughter her child was dead

Grandfather 'sells three-day-old baby on Facebook after telling his own daughter her child was dead' Hospital nurse involved with child trafficking ring offered man 550 She visited the mothers home and took the baby away claiming it was illDeal was arranged to sell child to a Businessman for around 10,000Child has now been reunited with his mother after being found alive and well By Daniel Miller PUBLISHED: 18:43 GMT, 24 April 2013 | UPDATED: 23:59 GMT, 24 April 2013 A grandfather allegedly sold his three-day-old grandson on Facebook after telling his daughter that the baby was dead. Police in Punjab, India, say the man, named only as Firoz, was offered Rs 45,000 (550) by a hospital nurse and her accomplice who were involved in a child trafficking ring.

Margaret Thatcher "witch song" insult: BBC to play Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead

BBC WILL play Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead in chart countdown but won't broadcast tasteless Thatcher protest single in fullSong has now sold 20,000 copies since Thatcher's death on Monday It has been pushed up the charts due to an internet campaignThe track, which costs 79p online, is currently No1 on iTunesAlso on course to become the shortest top 10 single ever at 51 seconds BBC confirms it will play it on Radio 1 this Sunday – but a shorter version'The BBC finds this campaign distasteful but does not believe the record should be banned,' a spokesman said , Osterode am Harz, Germany — Illustration – an old woman is using facebook on her iPhone. Photo: Frank May — Image by Frank May/dpa/Corbis” class=”blkBorder” /> The power of a Facebook campaign should not be underestimated.

Sex offender Opemipo Jaji, 18, "raped schoolgirl, 11, repeatedly in Enfield park and filmed it"

Sex offender, 18, 'raped 11-year-old schoolgirl repeatedly in park then told her he would show film of attack to friends and those she loved'Opemipo Jaji is accused of raping a school girl after following her home Allegedly dragged girl into a park in Enfield, north London, last NovemberCourt heard he told victim he would stab her and put a glove in her mouthJaji admitted sexually assaulting another girl in 2011, Old Bailey heard ” class=”blkBorder” /> Police search teams in Jubilee Park in Enfield looking for clues at the time of the rape in November 2012 The girl said her attacker was a black man with a small afro, dressed in grey and black and wearing an ‘opaque’ headdress. Jurors at the Old Bailey have been told Jaji will claim he has been wrongly identified – though prosecutors say blood found on his shoes and bag match the girl’s DNA with a one-in-a-billion match. She said: ‘He stank just like he hadn’t had a bath

Evelyn Clarke: British airline stewardess plunges to her death from Dubai skyscraper

Pictured: British airline stewardess who plunged to her death from Dubai skyscraperEvelyn Clarke, 30, is believed to have fallen from the block after a night outShe died as a result of multiple injuries after falling late on Sunday Police are interviewing the last people to see her alive She is not thought to have had any personal problems Within hours of news reaching home, Facebook memorial page was set up By Francesca Infante PUBLISHED: 08:20 GMT, 9 April 2013 | UPDATED: 00:55 GMT, 10 April 2013 Evelyn Clarke is believed to have fallen from a high rising building in Dubai on Sunday A British air stewardess plunged to her death from a high-rise building in Dubai. Evelyn Clarke, 28, died from multiple injuries after she fell from a tower block window late on Sunday

"My mum"s doing the shopping": Picture of sleeping baby left in locked car with note provokes fury in New Zealand

'My mum's doing the shopping': Picture of sleeping baby left in locked car with note provokes fury in New ZealandNote written from baby's perspective and included a phone numberIt read: 'My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything'A shocked passer-by spotted the infant in a supermarket car parkPhoto was posted Facebook and attracted thousands of comments But police will not be investigating because no one has reported it By Alex Gore PUBLISHED: 10:56 GMT, 25 March 2013 | UPDATED: 23:24 GMT, 25 March 2013 A mother has provoked anger in New Zealand by leaving her newborn baby alone in a locked vehicle outside a supermarket with a note explaining that she had gone shopping. The message, written from the baby's perspective, included the women's mobile number and urged people to call her if necessary. A shocked passer-by had photographed the sleeping infant, visible through the window, on Saturday

Police spend FOUR WEEKS tracking down mother, 45, after she made Facebook joke about egging PM

Police spend FOUR WEEKS tracking down mother, 45, after she made Facebook joke about egging PMDebra Burt, 45, made remark in frustration over government cuts She wrote 'Cameron – I'd like to egg him' on a friend's Facebook wall Two officers visited her – they had been looking for her for 4 weeks, she said By Vanessa Allen PUBLISHED: 12:29 GMT, 24 March 2013 | UPDATED: 00:53 GMT, 25 March 2013 Exasperation: Debra Burt typed 'I'd like to egg him' about David Cameron on her Facebook timeline, only to have police turn up at her door warning her to stay away from him To Debra Burt, it was no more than an innocent expression of her frustration at Government spending cuts. She vented her feelings about David Cameron on a friend’s Facebook page with the comment: ‘I’d like to egg him.’ But the mother-of-two was astonished when two detectives arrived on her doorstep to question her…and announced they had been trying to track her down for four weeks.

Tony McLernon: Final moments of pregnant woman kicked to her death by ex-boyfriend who also killed his unborn baby

Lured to her death by text: Final moments of pregnant woman kicked to death by ex-boyfriend who also killed his unborn baby Tony McLernon, 24, killed Eystna Blunnie, 20, in Harlow, Essex, last yearLured her to address with text message saying 'I've got a surprise for you'Savage beating in the street killed Miss Blunnie and their unborn childTried to blame attack on two men saying he had been unable to help herJury at Chelmsford Crown Court took just two hours to find him guiltyCCTV footage shows Miss Blunnie en route to meet her killer our family was shattered by the death of a loving daughter, Eystna, and her unborn child, Rose. 'The worst part was to find out that their deaths were such a brutal murder

Subway franchise closes in France after outcry Valentine"s Day special which was offered to heterosexual couples only

Subway closes in France after offering Valentine's Day special to heterosexual couples onlyOwner of shop in north-west city of Angers cited 'freedom of expression'Poster slammed as 'homophobic' went viralSubway France closes branch and forced to apologise via Facebook page By Steve Robson PUBLISHED: 19:42 GMT, 17 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:42 GMT, 18 February 2013 The Valentine's Day poster which appeared at a Subway in Angers, France, which specifies it is for a man/woman combination only A French branch of the sandwich chain Subway has caused outrage after offering a Valentine's Day special to heterosexual couples only. The franchise in Angers, in the north-west of the country, has been forced to close after the owner's poster went viral and sparked widespread condemnation on Thursday

Sexist "rape club" at DSK"s prestigious university

Students at elite French universities formed 'rape club' and threatened to simulate 'mass sex attack at womens’ group' Eight students facing disciplinary panel at Bordeaux Political collegeThey were members of the sexist group 'Dare to Choose Masculism'It planned to to invade feminist debate and 'simulate a mass sexual attack'Majority of members said they approved of gang rape in Facebook vote College forms part of the elite Sciences Po network Scandal is 'evidence of institutional sexism among France's future leaders' By Daniel Miller PUBLISHED: 17:30 GMT, 6 February 2013 | UPDATED: 00:02 GMT, 7 February 2013 Alumnus: Shamed former IMF chief Dominic Strauss-Kahn attended the Bordeaux college at the centre of the scandal A sexist club at the former elite French college of shamed ex IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn advocated gang rape and suggested carrying out a simulated sexual attack on a feminist organisation. Eight men are to facing a disciplinary panel at the Bordeaux Branch of the Institute of Political Studies, part of the Sciences Po network of institutes famous for educating many of the country's political and business leaders.

"Monday: Got stalked, again": Facebook fears of schoolgirl, 12, "before she was abducted by two men"

'Monday: Got stalked, again': Facebook fears of schoolgirl, 12, 'before she was abducted by two men'Kerry Goddard vanished at 10pm but was found again the next dayPolice described her disappearance as 'out of character'Two 19-year-olds are being questioned in custody By Emma Reynolds PUBLISHED: 12:49 GMT, 1 February 2013 | UPDATED: 12:58 GMT, 1 February 2013 Hunt: Kerry Goddard was described by police as being well-spoken and looking older than her years Two men have been arrested on suspicion of abduction after a 12-year-old girl who had complained of being stalked went missing from her home. Kerry Goddard vanished at 10pm last night and her family raised the alarm when she failed to return to her home in Fownhope, Herefordshire. After an extensive search, police found her at a house in Hereford and arrested two 19-year-old men in connection with the incident.