UK Weather: Homeowners warned of more floods on Christmas Day as forecasters warn of heavy rains

Merry Christmas from our Great British weather: Ruined homes, flooded fields, a nightmare getaway and more rain STILL to come Bodmin saw 155 mm in five days – it has a usual monthly average of 300mmFirst Great Western: 'If you are planning to travelling to or from Devon and Cornwall it is advised to postpone your journey if at all possible' 165 UK flood warnings in place – majority in Midlands and the South WestThree people were killed in a crash near Midlothian, which had heavy rain Scotland and West Country are likely to suffer the most Christmas Eve rain Up to 30mm of rain is expected to fall between midnight and noonMet Office: Britain is now set for one of its wettest years since 1910 | UPDATED: 01:08 GMT, 25 December 2012 Homeowners are on alert for further flooding on Christmas Day as forecasters warn of heavy rains as the bad weather continues to threaten homes, businesses, roads and railways. With 165 flood warnings in place, tomorrow is expected to be a rather showery day across the UK, with the continued risk of thundery downpours for southern and western parts. The great Christmas getaway has been stalled by floods which are hampering the rail network with lines in the south-west among services hardest hit

Philippine Typhoon Bopha death toll rises: More than 230 people killed

More than 230 people killed by Typhoon Bopha as gusts of 93mph batter the southern PhilippinesCentral winds of 75mph and gusts of up to 93mph hit the affected areas Destroyed homes, caused landslides and killed hundreds Rescuers have reached most areas, but have found it hard to reach some isolated communities | UPDATED: 18:15 GMT, 5 December 2012 The death toll from a powerful storm battering the southern Philippines has risen to more than 230, with hundreds missing in landslides and floodwaters, as Typhoon Bopha continues its destructive path across the island nation. Tens of thousands of people were left homeless after gusts of up to 150kph (93mph), battered the large southern island of Mindanao. Government spokeswoman Fe Maestre said at least 151 people died in the worst-hit province of Compostela Valley