Police are wasting millions on kit because they can"t agree on standard issue handcuffs, boots or Hi-vis jackets

Police are wasting millions on kit because they can't agree on standard issue handcuffs, boots or hi-vis jackets Disagreed on basic things, such as how many pockets a uniform needsSome forces are paying 400% more than others for a hi-vis jacketForces differed on whether they wanted a steel or black finish on handcuffsJustice minister Damian Green estimates they will now save 110million through better procurement ” class=”blkBorder” /> Damian Green estimates that the force will have saved 110million by March 2012 through better procurement On handcuffs, forces differed on whether they preferred the steel finish or a black colour, and how the two cuffs should be linked together. Some forces spent just 14 on a set of cuffs, compared to 43 in the most spendthrift constabulary

Sean Cawthray: Hunt for rapist who walked out of Leyhill Open Prison

Hunt for rapist who walked out of prison: Serial attacker vanishes from the 'Savoy of Slammers' Sean Cawthray, 41, left Leyhill Open Prison in south Gloucestershire In 2002 Cawthray attempted to kidnap 14-year-old girl at a bus stop Police advise public to dial 999 immediately if they see him Previously been jailed for four years in 1990 for rape and attempted rape, and for eight years in 1993, after a further rape conviction By Andy Dolan PUBLISHED: 14:29 GMT, 1 January 2013 | UPDATED: 10:32 GMT, 2 January 2013 Warning: Sean Cawthray, 41, is being hunted by police after walking out of an open jail A sex attacker is being hunted by police after vanishing from a notorious open prison. Sean Cawthray, 41, was locked up indefinitely in 2002 after attempting to kidnap a 14-year-old girl at a bus stop. He had previously served two jail terms for rape

Police forces face growing attack over value for money and time spent on the beat

Has Government declared war on the police Forces face growing attack over value for money and time spent on the beat Recorded crime drops by at least 10% in 19/43 force areas as budgets fallMore than 20,000 officers supplementing income with extra work, up 20%Police spend eight minutes an hour on frontline duties; 12% of working dayMP Keith Vaz: Recent events have 'shaken public confidence in our police' | UPDATED: 17:22 GMT, 30 December 2012 Police forces were tonight facing a growing attack from the Government as tensions grew over their value for money following the fallout from the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ affair. Recorded crime fell by at least a tenth in 19 of 43 force areas across England and Wales, official figures showed – while budgets went down by just under 10 per cent, reported The Sunday Times. And another investigation by the Mail on Sunday found that more than 20,000 officers and staff are moonlighting in their spare time – a figure that has soared by almost 20 per cent in a single year

Body-in-the-bag MI6 spy Gareth Williams and his mystery links to Kazakh oligarch

Body in the bag MI6 spy Gareth Williams and his mystery links to Kazakh oligarch Gareth Williams 'in contact with Furkat Ibragimov, son of Kazakh billionaire'Ibragimov's father involved in oil and mining and in world's top 400 richest Police 'probing claims Williams could have been asked to befriend Ibragimov' Codebreaker mysteriously found dead in central London flat in August 2010 | UPDATED: 17:50 GMT, 30 December 2012 The 31-year-old MI6 spy found dead inside a locked bag in his flat was in contact with a Kazakh oligarch’s son before his mysterious death, it was claimed today. Gareth Williams – whose naked and decomposing body was found in August 2010 in Pimlico, central London – was allegedly in touch with Furkat Ibragimov, 25, the son of a billionaire from Kazakhstan. Police are said to be probing their relationship amid claims that Mr Williams could have been encouraged by British intelligence forces to befriend Mr Ibragimov in the months before he died

China forces every internet browser to register their real name in new free speech crackdown

China forces EVERY internet user to register their real name in new free speech crackdownNew rules follow use of popular microblogs to expose official corruptionRegulations could restrict access to Western sites | UPDATED: 16:11 GMT, 28 December 2012 The Chinese government launched a new assault on free speech online today by requiring all internet users to register their real names. The new rule comes in the wake of the runaway success of Weibo, a micro-blogging service similar to Twitter which has exposed corruption and other abuses of official power. The country's rubber-stamp legislature approved the controversial measures at the closing meeting of a five-day session

Is it really the same guy? What happened when a man spent an entire YEAR without shaving

Is it really the same guy What happened when a man spent an entire YEAR without shavingDave Phillips, 27, preparing to finally lop beard off on New Year's DayWill be able to give newborn baby girl a smooth kiss for the first timeChallenge so far raised 1,000 for armed forces charity Help 4 Heroes | UPDATED: 21:55 GMT, 27 December 2012 A father is preparing to kiss his newborn baby for the first time after he went the whole of 2012 without shaving. Dave Phillips, 27, took part in last year's Movember, but thought one month without shaving was too easy. So the warehouse worker took facial hair growing to the next level by not shaving for a whole year

Prince Charles pays tributes to soldiers in special festive message to servicemen and women serving abroad

‘A very rare and precious letter’: Prince Charles reveals his longing for news from soldier son Harry in Christmas message for the troops The Prince of Wales paid tribute to servicemen and women serving abroadHe said the nation owes them an 'everlasting debt of gratitude'Prince Charles's Christmas message was broadcast to soldiers this morning | UPDATED: 14:30 GMT, 26 December 2012 Prince Charles has asked his son Harry to write more letters home from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan where he has been stationed since September. The Prince of Wales joked that replies to letters sent to Prince Harry on the frontline are 'rare and precious' in a Christmas radio broadcast to troops serving overseas. He encouraged all servicemen and women to write home over the festive period

Reservists get 100,00o to serve in Afghanistan

The 'City soldiers' paid 100,000 to fight in Afghanistan: Huge Government payouts to reservists who earn less while on tour Some serving reservists earn up to 225,000Last year eight reservists were paid more than 100,000 for their tour 'Reservist Awards' under review by MoD | UPDATED: 09:16 GMT, 24 December 2012 Some Armed Forces reservists in Afghanistan are being paid six-figure salaries by the Government, it emerged last night. Military rules state that if reservists’ pay works out less than they would earn in their civilian job, they can claim for extra cash, known as a Reservist Award.

Built from scrap, the primitive but deadly firearms Chechen rebels use to take on the might of Russia

Built from scrap, the primitive but deadly firearms Chechen rebels use to take on the might of Russia | UPDATED: 23:20 GMT, 21 December 2012 Since the fall of the USSR, Russia and Chechnya haven't exactly been best of friends. In the mid and late nineties both countries have squared off with each other through two wars and various insurgencies, all in the name of sovereignty in a post-Soviet world

U.N. accuses both sides of atrocities in Syrian civil war as foreign mercenaries fuel sectarian fighting destroying the country

Danger UXB: Dud bomb drops in Syrian civil war Fighters have arrived in Syria from 29 countries around the world so far More and more civilians try to arm themselves in 21-month-old conflict Conduct by both sides is 'increasingly in breach of international law' | UPDATED: 07:53 GMT, 21 December 2012 Fighters from 29 countries have so far filtered into Syria to join a civil war split along sectarian lines, a UN report warns. Divisions between the ruling Alawite community and the majority Sunni Muslims have reduced prospects of a reconciliation even if President Bashar al-Assad is toppled, the report said. And the influx of foreign fighters raises the risk of the war spilling into neighbouring countries, riven by the same sectarian fault lines.