Spine zapper "fixes" backs

Spine zapper 'fixes' backs: New device using high-frequency electrical pulse to revolutionise back pain treatmentSpinal cord stimulator sends electrical pulses through the spineNevro is 200 times more powerful than current stimulators | UPDATED: 22:30 GMT, 29 December 2012 A new device that sends a high-frequency electrical pulse through the spine could revolutionise the treatment of severe back pain, according to a new study. A team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London, is the first in the world to implant the Nevro spinal cord stimulator in 100 patients who would otherwise need surgery to stop their back pain. The device is less invasive than surgery and cheaper.

How dinosaurs were born to be big: Their biology "was skewed towards giant species"

How dinosaurs were born to be big: Their biology 'was skewed towards giant species'Palaeontologists had thought size distribution among dinosaurs was similar to modern animalsNew findings shed light on the differences in life in the age of the dinosaurs and now | UPDATED: 13:07 GMT, 21 December 2012 The biology of dinosaurs explains why there were more giant species among the prehistoric animals than are found among modern vertebrates, a paper published yesterday claims. Researchers say that dinosaurs were not only the largest animals to roam the Earth – they also had a greater number of larger species compared to all other back-boned animals. Their findings shed light on how different life was on Earth during the age of the dinosaurs.