Nancy Lanza"s chilling instructions to babysitter: "Never turn your back on Adam"

'Never turn your back on Adam': Nancy Lanza's chilling instructions to babysitter before he watched 'gifted killer who could not feel physical pain' Ryan Kraft described Adam as very intelligent, quiet and introvertedRequired extra supervision at school from a physical disorder which meant he could not feel painHis mother would sometimes have to be summonsed to deal with himA school psychologist was assigned to monitor Adam full timeFederal agents say there is no evidence that Lanza went to a firing range in recent months to practice for the shooting When he was freshman at high school he was flagged to the school security chief She withdrew him when he was 16 after ongoing disputes about his careNancy planned to move to North Carolina or Washington state so she could enroll him in another college Governor implies that school gunman Adam Lanza killed himself and may have been stopped in his tracks before he could kill more people | UPDATED: 23:16 GMT, 17 December 2012 Killer: Adam Lanza shot and murdered 27 people Friday, 20 of them schoolchildren The babysitter who watched the Sandy Hook Elementary school killer Adam Lanza when he was nine-years-old was warned by mother Nancy to never turn his back on the child, not even to go to the bathroom.