Annie Lennox"s daughter Tali is spitting image of her in 1980s prime

Who's that girl looking just like Anne It's Annie's girl! With her pixie crop and pale skin, Tali Lennox is spitting image of mother in her 80s prime | UPDATED: 23:52 GMT, 29 December 2012 With her blonde pixie crop, pale skin and heavily made-up eyes, it could be pop queen Annie Lennox in her Eighties prime. But the girl posing cheekily for a photoshoot with the iconic Campbell’s soup can is actually Annie’s teenage daughter, Tali.

Funny photos of vehicles whose owners appear to like hoarding litter on the back seat

Now these really are rubbish cars! Funny photos of vehicles whose owners appear to prefer hoarding litter to carrying passengers | UPDATED: 00:03 GMT, 27 December 2012 Many of our cars have probably got the odd stray crisp packet or empty drinks bottle inside, but few will ever get to this state. These funny pictures, collected by photo gallery website Xaxor, show various rubbish-filled vehicles that owners clearly have no interest in cleaning. The cars – which look more like skips than vehicles – are filled with items from tissues to newspapers and McDonald's takeaway food to empty cups of coffee, leaving little space for passengers.

Traveling back in time through the photographer"s lens: One artist"s amazing color pictures of life in the 1950s

Traveling back in time through the photographer's lens: One artist's amazing color pictures of life in the 1950s | UPDATED: 19:52 GMT, 24 December 2012 A new collection of stunning photographs by famed artist Fred Herzog gives a glimpse into the breadth and scope of his talent.

Wlodzimierz Umaniec jailed for two years for defacing Rothko painting

Vandal who attacked Rothko painting at Tate as act of 'yellowism' jailed for two years Wlodzimierz Umaniec, 26, claimed vandalism was itself a piece of artCo-founder of obscure artistic movement of 'yellowism'Judge said actions were 'wholly and utterly unacceptable' | UPDATED: 17:08 GMT, 13 December 2012 Jailed: Wlodzimierz Umaniec has been sentenced to two years in prison for vandalising a Rothko painting The self-proclaimed artist who vandalised a Mark Rothko painting in what he said was an act of 'yellowism' was today sentenced to two years in prison. Wlodzimierz Umaniec, 26, also known as Vladimir Umanets, defaced the mural, worth around 5million to 9million, at the Tate Modern gallery on October 7. He has said he carried out the crime in an attempt to spread the principles of the obscure artistic movement which he helped create.

Margate voted by Rough Guide as one of top ten places in world to visit

'The gem of the Isle of Thanet': Seaside town Margate voted one of the top 10 places to visit in the WORLD by the Rough Guide | UPDATED: 16:26 GMT, 12 December 2012 Known for its 'Kiss Me Quick' hats and donkey rides, the seaside town of Margate might not scream 'dream destination'. But someone has looked beyond the cliches of the Kent coast, and propelled it into the Rough Guide – declaring it to be on the top ten places to visit in the world

Turner Prize: Elizabeth Price announced as 2012 winner

Eighties pop star wins 25,000 Turner Prize for abstract video piece (beating beard-wearing nudist called Spartacus and sculptures shaped like human faeces) | UPDATED: 21:09 GMT, 3 December 2012 An eighties pop star has scooped this year’s Turner Prize – beating a nudist and a sculptor that makes models of human faeces. Elizabeth Price, 45, formerly of obscure pop group Talula Gosh, won the 25,000 accolade for her abstract film based on a fire tragedy