CITV to air two full days of "old skool" shows such as Count Duckula, Art Attack and Rainbow to celebrate its 30th anniversary

Back to the old skool: CITV to air two days of classic shows such as Count Duckula and Rainbow to mark its 30th anniversaryChannel will screen over eight hours of past favourites on January 5 and 6Others include Art Attack, Press Gang, The Raggy Dolls and Children's Ward | UPDATED: 19:25 GMT, 18 December 2012 ITV bosses are to turn back the clock to celebrate 'old skool' children's shows by screening two full days of classic programmes next month. Popular shows of yesteryear such as Count Duckula, Press Gang, Art Attack and The Tomorrow People are to be brought back to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Children's ITV. Digital channel CITV will devote its schedules on January 5 and 6 to screen eight-and-a-half hours each day of past favourites.

Hero schoolboy, 14, saves security guard by jumping into middle of eight-man brawl in shopping centre

The have-a-go-hero schoolboy: 14-year-old jumps into middle of eight-man brawl in shopping centre to protect security guard Jack Slater was still wearing his uniform when he leapt in to helpThe fight in Maidstone, Kent, saw guards bitten, punched and headbuttedTeen, who said he would do it again, was given a reward for his bravery | UPDATED: 17:35 GMT, 30 November 2012 Jack Slater was still wearing his school uniform when he jumped in to help. He has since been rewarded for his bravery A teenager in his school uniform dived in to stop a fight which saw four security guards punched, kicked, head-butted and bitten. Have-a-go-hero Jack Slater, 14, did not spare a thought for his own safety until after he saved the security man from four attackers