Mo Farah mistaken for an amateur runner by US TV presenter in cringeworthy video

'Haven't you run before' Cringeworthy moment US television presenter mistakes Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah for an amateurFarah, 29, had won a half marathon in New Orleans in record timeHe appeared a little stunned by the foolish question, asking 'sorry'But the anchor was unaware of the gaffe and repeated the questionShe later asked him 'how do you prepare for a marathon like this'The champion British runner replied: 'I haven't done a marathon yet'Champion runner Paula Radcliffe casts doubt over his marathon plans Olympic Games” class=”blkBorder” /> Has he run before Mo Farah reacts as he wins the men's 5,000m final at the London 2012 Olympic Games The interview has caused a stir on Twitter, where British journalist Piers Morgan, who is currently working in the U.S. tweeted: 'Hey @Mo_Farah – come on my CNN show tonight to discuss that crazy U.S. interview…

Using Twitter hurts athletes" performance, says Lord Coe as he attacks Olympic failures

Using Twitter hurts athletes' performance, says Lord Coe as he attacks Olympic failuresLord Coe said he found a 'high correlation' between tweeting and underperformanceThinly veiled attack against Olympic diver and keen tweeter Tom Daley By Hannah Roberts PUBLISHED: 01:23 GMT, 31 December 2012 | UPDATED: 01:52 GMT, 31 December 2012 Lord Coe has attacked sports stars who use Twitter too much, saying it is linked to ‘underperformance’. The Olympics organiser, who has been made a Companion of Honour in the New Year honours list, said he found it ‘bizarre’ that athletes spent their time writing banal comments online during competitions instead of concentrating on winning medals.

Burning off the extra Christmas calories is an Olympic task and would take more than 2,000 laps of the velodrome

Burning off the extra Christmas calories is an Olympic task and would take more than 2,000 laps of the velodrome Study finds average person could have consumer 6,000 calories yesterdayWould take Victoria Pendleton 2,177 laps at Olympic Velodrome to shift A Christmas dinner alone can contain 1,500 calories | UPDATED: 12:07 GMT, 26 December 2012 Most people would expect to indulge a little over Christmas, but it might be surprising to hear the average person could have eaten a staggering 6,000 calories yesterday – nearly three times the recommended intake.

"I gather not all the bars belong to us": Queen"s solid gold quip about bullion sell-off

'I gather not all the bars belong to us': Queen's solid gold quip about bullion sell-off Comment said to George Osborne at Cabinet meeting the Queen attendedIt was in reference to Gordon Brown selling half the country's gold reservesHe sold them for 2billion in 1999 when price of gold was at a 20-year low | UPDATED: 22:29 GMT, 22 December 2012 As a constitutional monarch, the Queen knows she must remain above the hurly-burly of everyday politics… but that didn’t stop Her Majesty from last week making a light-hearted quip about Gordon Brown’s controversial sale of Britain’s gold reserves.

Lloyds TSB bans staff from selling bank accounts with monthly fees "after fears they were mis-sold"

Lloyds TSB bans staff from selling bank accounts with monthly fees 'after fears they were mis-sold to customers' | UPDATED: 02:04 GMT, 20 December 2012 Britain’s biggest bank Lloyds TSB is to stop providing lucrative paid-for current accounts following a crackdown by the City watchdog. Branch managers were told yesterday they would have to temporarily pull the plug on sales of packaged accounts which cost up to customers 300 a year. These deals are a rich source of profit for banks

Pictured: Professor Poliakoff takes TV cameras inside the Bank of England"s gold bullion vault where 197BILLION of the precious metal is stored

Look but don't touch! Rare glimpse of the gold bullion worth 197BILLION hidden deep under the Bank of England Cavern hidden deep under London holds gold haul weighing 4,600 tonnesGold bars are displayed 'just like duty-free chocolate at the airport' Professor given access to nation's extraordinary wealth for documentary Each shelf is worth 35million but exact location cannot be revealed | UPDATED: 22:43 GMT, 12 December 2012 Lying deep beneath the streets of London, hidden in the secret vaults of the Bank of England, is 4,600 tonnes of 'forgotten gold'.

Unemployed single mother on benefits who spends 2,000 on Christmas with 20 presents for each of her children

Unemployed single mother on benefits who spends 2,000 on Christmas with 20 presents for each of her childrenLeanna Broderick plans to give children designer outfits, iPads and jewellery The 20-year-old has never worked and claims nearly 15,500 a year Claims she is better off on benefits and last year saved 2,500Said there was 'no point' getting minimum wage job and paying for childcare | UPDATED: 01:30 GMT, 11 December 2012 While many families are worrying about how to afford Christmas this year, one jobless single mother has revealed she receives so much in benefits she has 2,000 to spend on designer gifts, clothes and partying. Mother-of-two Leanna Broderick plans to buy 20 presents for each of her children, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren outfits, iPads and gold jewellery. The 20-year-old, who has never worked, claims nearly 15,500 a year in state handouts

Rare Queen Anne Vigo coin found by widow sold for 300,000 at Tunbridge Wells auction

Widow clearing out late husband's chest of drawers found 300,000 18th century gold coin made from captured Spanish treasure Coin is one of just 20 Queen Anne 'Vigo' five guinea pieces made in 1703 Pensioner didn't know husband had it and says he had no interest in coins | UPDATED: 19:13 GMT, 6 December 2012 A widow who found an old coin as she cleared out her late husband’s chest of drawers today sold it for nearly 300,000 at auction. The unidentified woman had no idea her husband had the valuable treasure stashed away among his clothes.

The best pictures of the year (as long as nothing happens in December)

From Mo's magic Olympic moment to Obama's White House win: Here are the best pictures of the year (let's just hope nothing happens in December!) | UPDATED: 11:35 GMT, 28 November 2012 Global press agency AFP have already released their selection of 2012's best pictures — even though there is still a full month to go. The incredible images capture every major news story of the year so far, from triumph at the Olympics to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in the US and ongoing violence in Syria. The list has been released surprisingly early this year — usually, it doesn't arrive until December.