Hound beaten to death and left on drive of hunt master "in attack by animal rights activists"

Did animal rights activists beat dog to death and leave its body on hunt master's drive Lee Peters was fined last year for racially abusing an anti-hunt protester Corpse dumped near a vandalised car with symbol from animal rights group By Paul Bentley PUBLISHED: 11:29 GMT, 24 March 2013 | UPDATED: 22:00 GMT, 24 March 2013 The dog was found dead on the driveway of Ross Harriers hunt master Lee Peters, pictured last year A huntmaster's dog was battered to death and dumped on his driveway in what may have been an attack by animal rights activists. Lee Peters, who was last year fined for racially abusing an anti-hunt protester, is said to be mortified after finding his pet. The corpse had been dumped near a vandalised car inscribed with a symbol for an animal rights group

BREAKING NEWS: Brother of Eastenders actress Gemma McCluskie found guilty of murdering her and throwing body in a canal

BREAKING NEWS: Brother of EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie found guilty of murdering her and dismembering her body By Anna Edwards PUBLISHED: 15:31 GMT, 30 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:31 GMT, 30 January 2013 Actress Gemma McCluskie whose body was found in Regent's Canal The brother of Eastender actress Gemma McCluskie has been found guilty of murdering her and throwing her dismembered body into a canal. Tony McCluskie was found guilty of murder by a jury by a majority of eleven to one. He had previously admitted manslaughter

Shark blamed as decapitated crocodile found on beach in South Africa

Did a shark decapitate this crocodile Reptile's head discovered on beach sparks fears over huge great white Gruesome scene captured in South Africa By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 11:57 GMT, 13 January 2013 | UPDATED: 18:59 GMT, 13 January 2013 A decapitated crocodile lies washed up on a South African beach, leaving locals speculating about the identity of the killer. The gruesome scene was photographed and videoed by Neale and Brigitte Cary-Smith and has quickly become an internet hit, with people wondering how the animal met its end

Judge Vladimir Trofimov and family beheaded in Ukraine in gruesome massacre

Judge and his family beheaded 'with machete' in medieval Ukraine massacre Judge was known to be 'fair and honest' with sentencingPolice suggest gruesome crime may have been motivated by revenge | UPDATED: 11:46 GMT, 17 December 2012 A respected judge – and three members of his family – have been beheaded in a medieval-style massacre in Ukraine. The corpses were left at the scene but the heads of Judge Vladimir Trofimov, his wife Irina, their son Sergei, and the son's partner, Marina Zoueva, are all missing. Police are uncertain what weapon was used – but say it could be a machete, a sword or an axe.

Horrific X-ray shows rusty litter pick embedded in mans eye after he fell on it

Horrific X-ray shows rusty litter pick embedded in man’s eye after he fell on itWang Chenggen fell face-first onto the huge metal hook The rusty metal curve embedded itself 5cm into his eye-socketMiraculously avoided damaging his eye and will make a full recovery | UPDATED: 13:52 GMT, 7 December 2012 A Chinese man almost blinded himself in one eye after impaling it on a giant metal hook. Wang Chenggen was using the rusty hook to pick up rubbish when he slipped and fell face first onto it. The bizarre accident happened in Harbin, in China's Heilongjiang Province