Damilola Taylor killer Ricky Preddie is back in jail for the THIRD time

Damilola killer is back in jail for the THIRD time after being accused of handling stolen goodsRicky Preddie has appeared in court on suspicion of handling stolen goods and has been sent back to jailPolice found a 800 motorbike in his bail hostel, which had been taken in a burglary He has been released twice before after stabbing Damilola in the neck with a broken bottle in 2000Damilola's father Richard says that Preddie should never have been released . He lasted just 16 days before being taken back to prison for again violating his parole by going to areas he was banned from and visiting friends from his old gang.

The text message which put dim-witted would-be burglar Stuart Gibbs behind bars

'Don't ring me when I'm out robbing': The text message which put dim-witted would-be burglar behind bars Stuart Gibbs, of Leicester, jailed for 18 months for the attempted burglary The 24-year-old admitted the offence after police caught him with messageAdmitted a string of later offences including dangerous driving | UPDATED: 14:44 GMT, 26 December 2012 Gibbs admitted attempted burglary and was jailed for 18 months at Leicester Crown Court A would-be burglar has been locked up after police found a text message he sent before trying to break into a house which read: 'I've told you 20 times – don't ring me when I'm out robbing'. Dozy Stuart Gibbs was caught hiding in a shed behind the house in Leicester after a vigilant resident contacted police when she two men acting suspiciously in a neighbour's garden