Pro-men party has Harriet in its sights

Pro-men party has Harriet in its sights | UPDATED: 22:29 GMT, 28 December 2012 Challenged: Male rights campaigners plan to stand against Harriet Harman and other prominent feminists at the next General Election Male rights campaigners are setting up an anti-feminist political party and plan to stand against Harriet Harman and other prominent feminists at the next General Election. The ‘men power’ is being orchestrated by Mike Buchanan, 55, a former business consultant who opposes tokenism and says ‘our political elite has become detached from reality with its state- sponsored feminism’.

Leveson: Law to regulate the Press could be abused, warns PM

Law to regulate the Press could be abused, warns PM David Cameron wants newspapers to agree to an independent self-regulation system without the need to pass a new lawLabour published its plan to enforce Leveson's proposals which calls for him to oversee a new regulator | UPDATED: 00:38 GMT, 11 December 2012 A Labour proposal to write regulation of the Press into law was shot down by David Cameron yesterday with a warning that MPs might in future abuse the change to extend their powers over the media. The Prime Minister said he wants newspapers to agree a system of independent self-regulation with tough penalties for wrongdoing as outlined by Lord Justice Leveson – but without the need to pass a new law.

Now Labour wants judges to regulate the press

Lord Leveson could end up regulating press personally under Labour plan: Inquiry judge in running to be Lord Chief Justice Opposition publishes draft bill calling for Lord Chief Justice to be in chargeLabour says plan would meet Leveson's demand for 'legal underpinning' But it drops support for Ofcom to oversee new Press Standards Trust Ed Miliband has discussed plan with Deputy Prime Minister Nick CleggIt raised prospect of Lord Justice Leveson overseeing new system | UPDATED: 15:32 GMT, 10 December 2012 Shadow culture secretary Harriett Harman said Labour's draft bill provided the 'essential' legal underpinning that Lord Justice Leveson demanded A legally-binding plan for the country’s top judge to oversee newspaper standards will be set out by the Labour party today. With David Cameron refusing to back statutory regulation, the opposition will publish a six-clause bill which would require the Lord Chief Justice power to sign off the effectiveness of an independent panel in holding the press to account

Harriet Harman"s adviser Gavin Freeguard worked for Huge Grant"s Hacked Off campaign

Harman's adviser, the lobbyist against freedom of Press: Recruit worked for Grant’s Hacked Off campaign Gavin Freeguard worked for Hugh Grant's Hacked Off campaign and Media Standards Trust founded by Sir David Bell – assessor assisting LevesonBell is at heart of powerful nexus of left-of-centre individuals linked to Leveson inquiry into press standards which will published tomorrowPolitical adviser recruited from lobbyists pushing for statutory regulation Mr Freeguard's presence in Harriet Harman's team chimes with her already declared support for end to any kind of Press self-regulation | UPDATED: 08:13 GMT, 28 November 2012 Labour media spokesman Harriet Harman is employing a political adviser recruited from the lobbyists pushing for statutory regulation of the free Press. Gavin Freeguard was until recently working for the Media Standards Trust and its spin-off Hacked Off campaign which is spearheaded by actors Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan, and Formula 1 tycoon Max Mosley. The trust was founded by Sir David Bell, controversially chosen to be one of the assessors assisting Lord Justice Leveson to write his report on the future of newspapers