Serial criminal John Moir convicted of 218 offences laughs at police after receiving 43rd driving ban

'Nothing is going to stop me': Serial criminal convicted of 218 offences laughs at police after receiving his 43rd driving ban John Moir, 46, of Ipswich, Suffolk, was caught driving while banned – againHe was jailed in 2010 after hitting Simon Jacobs, 45, who nearly diedMr Jacobs says 'Justice system must listen: he will kill someone next time' , for driving while banned, resisting a police officer and having no car insurance, for which he was jailed for five months. 'I believe he will kill someone eventually': Simon Jacobs, 45, nearly died after Moir drove into him in 2010 Moir admitted driving while banned, having no insurance, and two charges of theft. He received a four-month jail sentence for driving while disqualified, and three months for each theft to run consecutively.

Steven Lock found not guilty of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" attack on partner who signed "sex slave contract"

Jeweller found not guilty of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' attack on partner after jury hears she signed a 'sex slave contract' Steven Lock, 43, said he and a woman partner had both read the book Told jury that they had been planning 'master and slave' session for months Outside court, Mr Lock, said he was relieved that the jury 'had seen sense'Jury told woman had 'Property of Steven Lock' tattooed on her bodyShe travelled from Norfolk to Suffolk to take part in the sex session By Andrew Levy PUBLISHED: 11:13 GMT, 22 January 2013 | UPDATED: 23:58 GMT, 22 January 2013 Trial: Steven Lock at Ipswich Crown court who was inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey A jeweller who whipped his lover with a length of rope during a Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired sex session was cleared of assault causing actual bodily harm yesterday. Steven Lock, 43, and his girlfriend planned a ‘master and slave’ role-play fantasy after reading the best-selling novel

"A football was kicked out of our trenches and we played the Germans": Previously unseen letter from Clement Barker recounting World War One…

'A football was kicked out of our trenches and we played the Germans': Poignant letter recounting famous 1914 Christmas Day truce rediscovered nearly 100 years on A letter from Staff Sergeant Clement Baker describes the famous truceSgt Clement Barker sent the letter four days after Christmas 1914Letter details how German messenger brokered truce on Christmas Eve | UPDATED: 13:43 GMT, 23 December 2012 A previously-unseen letter which describes the legendary football match of the Christmas Day truce during the First World War has been discovered. The letter was sent by staff sergeant Clement Barker four days after Christmas 1914, when the British and German troops famously emerged from their trenches in peace