BREAKING NEWS: Queen"s cousin the Duke of Kent suffers stroke after falling ill

BREAKING NEWS: Queen's cousin the Duke of Kent suffers stroke after falling illHRH Prince Edward, is cousin to The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh 77-year-old royal was taken to an undisclosed London hospital on MondayIt is believed the Queen, who has been ill recently, has been informedBuckingham Palace said it understands the Duke is 'feeling well' A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: 'He was taken ill in the early hours of Monday and admitted to hospital for assessment.' He added that medical staff 'diagnosed him as having had a mild stroke'. It is understood that the Queen, who herself has been ill recently with the symptoms of gastroenteritis, has been informed. The Buckingham Palace spokesman added: 'He's still being assessed and it's not thought to be serious.

"Rapid response" operation that cuts risk of new strokes by a third

'Rapid response' operation carried out within 24 hours of suffering a mini-stroke cuts risk of another episode by a thirdSurgery offered to patients within 24 hours of a 'mini-stroke'Carotid endarterectomy operation cuts risk of new stroke by a third By Martyn Halle PUBLISHED: 21:57 GMT, 2 March 2013 | UPDATED: 12:43 GMT, 3 March 2013 Rapid response: How the operation is carried out Patients who have suffered a mini-stroke are now being offered ‘rapid-response’ surgery to prevent the condition worsening and leading to a full stroke. Until now, those who have had a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) would not be considered for surgery until weeks later. But new research has found that operating to unclog the affected blood vessels in the neck within 24 hours of having a TIA means a third do not go on to suffer another episode.