Mo Farah mistaken for an amateur runner by US TV presenter in cringeworthy video

'Haven't you run before' Cringeworthy moment US television presenter mistakes Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah for an amateurFarah, 29, had won a half marathon in New Orleans in record timeHe appeared a little stunned by the foolish question, asking 'sorry'But the anchor was unaware of the gaffe and repeated the questionShe later asked him 'how do you prepare for a marathon like this'The champion British runner replied: 'I haven't done a marathon yet'Champion runner Paula Radcliffe casts doubt over his marathon plans Olympic Games” class=”blkBorder” /> Has he run before Mo Farah reacts as he wins the men's 5,000m final at the London 2012 Olympic Games The interview has caused a stir on Twitter, where British journalist Piers Morgan, who is currently working in the U.S. tweeted: 'Hey @Mo_Farah – come on my CNN show tonight to discuss that crazy U.S. interview…

"Pray for the next pope" says Benedict as thousands gather in St Peter"s Square for Sunday address

'Pray for the next pope': Thousands gather in St Peter's Square for Pope Benedict's penultimate Sunday address as new details emerge about his health Pope Benedict spoke at penultimate Sunday address at St Peter's SquareCrowd, estimated to be 50,000-strong, chanted 'Long live the pope'German journalist said Pope was unable to see from left eye ten weeks agoPeter Seewald claimed pontiff was 'exhausted-looking' and 'worn down' The pope will become the first pontiff in centuries to resign later this month PUBLISHED: 17:29 GMT, 17 February 2013 | UPDATED: 10:26 GMT, 18 February 2013 Pope Benedict asked the faithful to pray for him and his successor in his penultimate Sunday address to a crowded St.

Piers Morgan"s British critics launch counter-deportation petition to make sure he stays in US

Please don't kick out Piers, we don't want him back! British critics launch counter-petition to make sure he stays in U.S.A petition to have the journalist deported after he criticised pro gun campaigners has attracted 71,000 signaturesNow a second petition saying he must stay because the British do not want him also has around 1,100 votes of support | UPDATED: 14:47 GMT, 27 December 2012 First Piers Morgan became the subject of a petition calling for him to be deported from the US for upsetting the gun lobby there. Now a counter-petition has been started, asking for America to keep him – not because he’s popular there but (allegedly) because no one here wants him back. The broadcaster is at the centre of a row after criticising pro-gun campaigners on his nightly US chat show in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, in which 20 children and six adults were shot dead

Kwame Ofosu-Asare murder: Gangsters who stabbed innocent sixth-form student to death are jailed for life

Running for his life: Moment gangsters on rival turf chased and killed an innocent 17-year-old student who was 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' Kwame Ofosu-Asare was mistaken for a rival gang memberTwo teenagers 'who showed no remorse' stabbed him fourteen times Idiabeta jailed for 19 years and Okusanya for 20 years today Idiabeta was in youth court on day of attack for breaching bail conditionsOkusanya told police: 'Everyone gets stabbed, everyone goes to jail, that's how life is' | UPDATED: 18:18 GMT, 18 December 2012 This is the horrifying moment gangsters chased and killed an innocent 17-year-old student after mistaking him for a rival gang member. CCTV footage shows victim Kwame Ofosu-Asare who was 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' running away from Nelson Idiabeta, then 17, and Nathaniel Okusanya, then 18. Moments after the teenagers were captured running after him and a friend, Kwame was stabbed 14 times in the back in a 'cowardly and merciless' murder.

French MP Bernard Debre savages Valerie Trierweiler: "She"s nothing more than the President"s mistress"

'She's nothing more than the President's mistress': French MP savages Valerie Trierweiler as he demands she stops meddling in politics Right-wing Bernard Debre issued the dramatic put-down in his blog Said her job as a journalist was 'incompatible' with her role as the President's partner | UPDATED: 18:01 GMT, 6 December 2012 An outspoken French MP has branded his country's First Lady 'nothing more than the President's mistress' and told her to 'stop meddling' in the country's affairs. Right-wing firebrand Bernard Debre issued the dramatic put-down to Valerie Trierweiler in his personal blog

The good ship "Tory Party" is finished – please keep calm and head for the lifeboats

The good ship 'Tory Party' is finished – please keep calm and head for the lifeboats | UPDATED: 00:01 GMT, 2 December 2012 Hijab: Respect candidate Yvonne Ridley after the declaration at the Rotherham by-election count It is quite clear to any thinking person that the Tory Party is now a corpse. Any idea that David Cameron could or would revive it must have died at the Rotherham by-election. This astonishing result must surely be the most humiliating treatment of a major political party in modern history

Police ignore yobs and drug pushers to swoop on OAP for playing Perry Como too loud

Police ignore yobs and drug pushers in troubled neighbourhood to swoop on OAP for playing Perry Como too loud People who complained about 71-year-old woman's music were reportedly among thugs who rule the street – and who make the woman's life a miseryMember of one of local 'problem families' was seen smirking as police forced 'shocked' elderly lady to turn down her Perry Como music | UPDATED: 07:44 GMT, 30 November 2012 Police swooped on a 71-year-old woman who was playing her Perry Como, pictured, records too loud In a neighbourhood plagued by open drug dealing and general yobbery, the police had a wealth of potential targets. They could have started by rounding up the pushers said to use ten-year-olds as drug couriers