War on speeding motorists: Drivers face more 20mph limits and extra cameras

War on speeding motorists: Drivers face more 20mph limits and extra camerasLower limits and more road humps are among guidance given to councils Calls for cameras to have wider role in 'calming traffic' as they slash fatalities the number had fallen by 75 per cent to 8,677. In the decade to 2011 alone 29 per cent of forecourts shut. This ‘increased minimum driving time required to reach the nearest forecourt’, the government report by Deloitte said

Six dead in Christmas Day horror crashes including two children who died in smash involving just one car on the M6

Christmas Day carnage on the roads: Six people dead after series of smashes across the country, including two young brothers killed in mystery M6 crash involving one carM6 crash happened between junctions 14 and 15 in Staffordshire yesterdayParamedics arrived to find Ford Focus vehicle had crashed and overturnedOther crash on B3349 near Basingstoke, Hampshire, killed husband and wifeNamed as Ann, 57, and Paul Goodrich, 56, of Church Crookham, HampshireA third smash killed one passenger on the A3102 in Melksham, WiltshireFour adults and three young children injured following second crash on M6 | UPDATED: 04:05 GMT, 26 December 2012 Two brothers and a woman died yesterday after their car flipped on a motorway in a day of Christmas carnage on the roads. The boys, aged four and ten, and a 32-year-old woman were killed as the Ford Focus careered out of control and hit a tree on the M6 in Staffordshire

Texting while crossing the road makes you four times more likely to ignore oncoming traffic and lights

How a text can put you on the road to injury: Study finds that using your mobile phone while walking could be deadlyPeople are four times more likely to ignore traffic and disobey lights if textingUniversity of Washington study looked at 1,000 'real-time' pedestrians One in three were using phones or doing something similarly distracting | UPDATED: 07:55 GMT, 13 December 2012 Using a mobile while crossing the road could cost your life, warn researchers. Texting while crossing the road was the riskiest activity, making people four times more likely to ignore oncoming traffic and disobey the lights, according to a new study

M1 Crash: The "140mph death race" that killed two

The '140mph death race': Two killed in 2.30am crash on M1… then friends in a following car brawl with survivors at the roadside Police bail a man after arresting him in connection with the crash Two young men killed and four injured in early-morning BMW crash Witnesses claim BMWs were racing at high speed before death smash Police confirm driver and passenger aged 22 and 24 were from east London M25, A414 and A41 suffered gridlock as five junctions are closedThree of the injured victims of the collision had to be cut free by firefighters | UPDATED: 11:34 GMT, 4 December 2012 A brawl broke out on a motorway after a ‘140mph race’ that left two dead and six injured. A witness reported seeing two black BMWs speeding along the M1 moments before one clipped the central reservation and bounced off a bridge into the path of the other