Calmly stocking up on beer, "monster" son just hours after executing his loving parents

Calmly stocking up on beer, 'monster' son just hours after executing his loving parents Stephen Seddon blasted parents Patrica and Robert to death with shotgun Had attempted to kill them four months earlier to claim life insuranceDrove couple from Sale into canal with them strapped into back seatsJudge: 'Parents would've realised what a monster their son had become' By James Tozer PUBLISHED: 10:39 GMT, 28 March 2013 | UPDATED: 01:51 GMT, 29 March 2013 A fraudster who shot his parents after a botched attempt to drown them in a staged car crash will be ‘pursued to death by the Furies’, a judge said yesterday. CCTV images were released showing Stephen Seddon coolly buying beer hours after the killings, having returned to his home 150 miles away as part of an attempt to fabricate an alibi.

Dale Cregan accused of 4 murders "fantasised about decapitating his enemy"

Gangster accused of four murders 'fantasised about decapitating his enemy'Cregan denies murders of Mark and David Short in May and August 2012But psychiatrist claims he admitted the killings in pre-trial interviewsCregan was paranoid the Short family were trying to kill him, trial toldCregan also said he was a drug dealer who earned up to 20,000 a weekClaims Cregan told him 'a big relief rushed through my body' after'Fantasised smashing his head with a hammer and cutting his head off'Later murdered PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone with gun and grenade Cregan added: 'I had thoughts of killing David Short since he threatened to rape my sister. 'I couldn’t get him out of my head

"I think I"ve killed her": Father-to-be"s text message "after kicking and stamping his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend to…

'I think I've killed her': Father-to-be's text message 'after kicking and stamping his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend to death in alcohol and drug fuelled rage' Tony McLernon accused of killing Eystna Blunnie, 20, in Essex The couple had recently broken up after an abusive relationshipChelmsford Crown Court hears Miss Blunnie had been heavily pregnantMcLernon, 24, from Harlow, denies murdering his former girlfriend By Leon Watson PUBLISHED: 11:41 GMT, 20 February 2013 | UPDATED: 12:09 GMT, 20 February 2013 A man beat his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend to death and killed their unborn child in a 'brutal and sustained' attack, a court has heard.

David Oakes, who murdered Christine Chambers and her daughter, dies 3 months into double-life sentence

'Sadistic monster' handed whole-life sentence for the torture and murder of his partner and her two-year-old daughter dies in hospitalMoJ confirm David Oakes, 50, has died of natural causes He murdered Christine Chambers and their child Shania in June last yearFormer couple were embroiled in a bitter custody battle The family had just secured a restraining order against himAfterwards the killer tried to shoot himself in the head but survived /10/17/article-2219016-158AED3F000005DC-316_634x630.jpg” width=”634″ height=”630″ alt=”The family of Christine Chambers and her daughter Shania, 2, were horrified when police returned their jewellery with traces of blood still on them after they were brutally murdered” class=”blkBorder” /> Torture: Oakes forced Christine Chamber to cut chunks of her own hair off before killing her and Shania (pictured together) in an attack that shocked Britain Oakes had 'systematically tortured' Ms Chambers for several hours before the killings, forcing her to strip and cutting chunks from her hair. Ms Chambers' 10-year-old daughter fled the house during the ordeal as police outside attempted to negotiate with the killer

Wave of ritual killings in Cameroon spark panic after 18 murders in two weeks

Wave of ritual killings spark panic in Cameroon as 18 mutilated bodies are found in two weeks18 bodies have been found in Yaounde, Cameroon in two weeks Latest five victims, aged 15-26, were found outside a pre-school on Friday Families hide indoors and vigilantes patrol the streets looking for killers By Sara Malm PUBLISHED: 23:24 GMT, 22 January 2013 | UPDATED: 23:39 GMT, 22 January 2013 The West African nation of Cameroon has been shaken by a series of ritual killings of young people, causing panic in the capital of Yaounde. Police have found 18 mutilated bodies on the streets of the capital in the past two weeks, all believed to be linked to occult rituals. On Friday the dismembered body of 17-year-old student Michele Mbala Mvogo was found alongside four others outside a pre-school in the capital

More than 65,000 sign petition to deport Piers Morgan over "hostile" gun control views

More than 65,000 sign petition to deport Piers Morgan over 'hostile' gun control viewsBritish CNN host has taken aggressive stand for tighter U.S. gun laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacrePetition claims he has engaged in hostile attack against U.S

The "murder and mayhem" squad: Shocking new revelations by former undercover soldier who carried out "shoot first, ask questions…

The 'murder and mayhem' squad: Shocking new revelations by former undercover soldier who carried out 'shoot first, ask questions later' attacks on IRA terrorists for the British Army Former British soldier says unit carried out secret campaign against the IRASays controversial shootings were carried out by the Military Reaction ForceHis accounts are being studied by Historical Enquiries Team | UPDATED: 22:27 GMT, 22 December 2012 A former British soldier who belonged to an undercover unit in Northern Ireland has claimed he and his colleagues resorted to ‘murder and mayhem’ during a secret campaign against the IRA. Simon Cursey was a member of a 30-man team which would ‘shoot first and ask questions later’

MI6 told agent it couldn"t kill al-Qaeda leader "because assassinations are a breach of British law"

MI6 told agent it couldn't kill al-Qaeda leader 'because assassinations are a breach of British law'Morten Storm could have murdered Anwar al-Awlaki but claims he was told by London: 'We don’t involve ourselves in killings abroad'The Dane then took his plans to the CIA and Britain cut him off completelyAl-Awlaki preached to the 9/11 hijackers and inspired 7/7 bombersStorm was so close to him he set Anwar al-Awlaki up with his third wife in an elaborate plot to track him down and kill him America eventually assassinated him in a 2011 drone attack /12/03/article-2242287-16547A9A000005DC-147_306x423.jpg” width=”306″ height=”423″ alt=”Morten Storm” class=”blkBorder” /> Claims: MI6 spy Morten Storm could have killed terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki but Britain said no, he says British secret services then cut Storm off completely when he approached the Americans instead, he has claimed. A source told the Daily Telegraph that no spy can kill anyone without permission from the Foreign Secretary.

"Bow and arrow attack" at Wyoming community college leaves three dead

Horrific 'bow and arrow' murder-suicide in community college classroom as man kills teacher then himself minutes after murdering woman in the street Man kills faculty member, 'student aged' female and then himself at small Wyoming community college Attacker apparently used a 'bow and arrow type' weaponPolice say all three dead knew each other but have not suggested a motive | UPDATED: 12:26 GMT, 1 December 2012 A Wyoming community college has been hit by a tragic murder-suicide after a man killed a teacher then himself in front of students in the classroom using some sort of 'bow-and-arrow-type' weapon. The killer had previously murdered a woman in the street about two miles away before storming into a science building on the campus of Casper College. The classroom killing prompted a college-wide lockdown as police attempted to ensure that it did not spiral into yet another campus massacre.