Design for world"s largest skyscraper that looks remarkably like the Shard unveiled…

The Saudi Shard: Skyscraper modelled on British design set to be world's largest – at ONE KILOMETRE highLondon-based Mace won 780m deal to build the Kingdom TowerWill stand 1km tall but designers have not revealed exact scaleWill be four times bigger than western Europe's tallest building By Mario Ledwith PUBLISHED: 06:22 GMT, 22 February 2013 | UPDATED: 09:57 GMT, 22 February 2013 The British company that built the Shard has landed a contract to manage the construction of what will become the world's largest building – and plans reveal the two look remarkably similar. London-based Mace won the 780million deal to build the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which will stand more than 3,280ft (1km) high. The Shard is currently western Europe's tallest building, while the company also played a role in several of London's most recognisable landmarks, such as the London Eye

Cracking good art: Chinese man creates intricate sculptures from EGG SHELLS

Cracking good art: Chinese man creates intricate sculptures from EGG SHELLSWen Fuliang uses the unorthodox material for his painstaking artistic creationsThe artist was laid off from his a wood carver and turned to his hobby of 10 years to make ends meet | UPDATED: 21:27 GMT, 25 December 2012 These pictures show the incredible sculptures carved from egg shells by Chinese artist Wen Fuliang Wen, of Shaanxi province, was laid off from his job as a wood carver and turned to the unusual and skillful form of art to make ends meet. He uses chicken, goose and duck eggshells to carve out places of interest, such as the iconic Dayan Pagoda in Xi'an. Steady hand: Chinese carver Wen Fuliang creates intricate sculptures out of egg shells Detail: The artist displays his incredible work using a magnifying glass Wen Fuliang has practiced eggshell carving for more than ten years.

Changing face of London"s skyline from Victorian times to the present day revealed in Laina Watt"s picture book Central London: Then and Now

From spires to skyscrapers: Changing face of London's skyline revealed in pictures from Victorian times and the present day | UPDATED: 18:32 GMT, 6 December 2012 These arresting images reveal the dizzying rate at which London has changed in the last century. In a new book comparing Victorian London to modern day life in the capital, cityscape photographer Laina Watt, 33, juxtaposes the black and white prints with today's images. ‘Central London: Then and Now' shows just how the church spire-dominated skyline shown in the Victorian sepia prints has since given way to the glass skyscraper-filled scene of today.