Sharon Bukokhe: Glamorous businesswoman, 28, from Kenya, killed herself because she was lonely in Britain

Glamorous businesswoman, 28, from Kenya, killed herself because she was lonely living in Britain Manchester sales boss Sharon Bukokhe worked for family planning charityNottingham Trent University graduate's husband was South Africa studentHer closest relative lived 250 miles away and others lived in US and CanadaShe applied full make up and painted nails then suffocated herself at home | UPDATED: 15:08 GMT, 5 December 2012 A glamorous 28-year-old businesswoman killed herself because she struggled to cope with living alone in Britain with her family dispersed across the world, an inquest heard yesterday. Sales manager Sharon Bukokhe, of Levenshulme, Manchester, was a high achiever working for a family planning charity but felt lonely because relatives including her husband lived abroad

Teenage burglar disturbed by homeowner spent 13 HOURS in wardrobe as police examined property then fled with valuables

Teenage burglar hid in wardrobe for 13 HOURS as police hunted for clues – then fled with camera and laptop as owner slept Aaron Bradford, 18, hid in the house from 3pm until 4am as police searched He fled with a camera, laptop and cash after the owner went to bed Teenager then used two bank cards from the house to withdraw cashPreviously involved in armed robbery in which a girl was used as 'bait' Sentenced to five years in a young offenders' institution after 'full admission' | UPDATED: 23:58 GMT, 26 November 2012 Brazen: Aaron Bradford was disturbed by the owner just before 3pm and then hid in the house until 4am, when he sneaked out with a laptop, camera and cash A burglar who was disturbed during a break-in when his victim returned home hid in a wardrobe for 13 hours before continuing his robbery. Aaron Bradford, 18, dived into the cupboard in a house in Yelverton, Devon, when the owner came back at 2.40pm and discovered that it had been ransacked. After the police were called, officers arrived at the house while Bradford kept quiet in his hiding place.