Puppet-master Gerry Anderson went to war with his real Lady Penelope

Puppet-master who went to war with his real Lady Penelope: How Gerry Anderson was haunted by his divorce from the beauty who voiced his leading lady in Thunderbirds Gerry Anderson died yesterday aged 83 after battle with Alzheimer's diseaseBorn in 1929 and spent early life in a one-bedroom flat in north-west LondonMarried first wife Betty Wrightman in the Fifties and they had two daughtersBut he had affair with Sylvia Thamm and they were married from 1960-1975Sylvia voiced Lady Penelope but their split was acrimonious when son was 8 Wed Mary Robins, a secretary 20 years his junior, in 1981 and had one son | UPDATED: 00:30 GMT, 27 December 2012 Each week a young Gerry Anderson waited eagerly for letters from his elder brother who was training to become an RAF pilot at an American airfield in Arizona during World War II. Sergeant Pilot Lionel Anderson went on to fly two tours with 515 Squadron over occupied Europe. One day in 1944 his family received the letter everyone dreaded — they were told the pilot was missing in action over Holland.

Sherwood Park Community Primary School"s entire governing body forced to resign after spending 6,000 of public funds on headteacher"s…

Primary school's entire governing body forced to resign after spending 6,000 of public funds on headteacher's farewell BBQ Governing body resigned over 'financial irregularity' relating to the partyVicar Rev Brian Stephen Senior among ten governors who stepped downSurprise party marked end of Keith Marden's 25-year tenure as head | UPDATED: 18:21 GMT, 14 December 2012 Enlarge Farewell: Headteacher Keith Marden said he had nothing to do with the organising of his farewell party that cost 6,000 The entire governing body of a poorly performing school that blew 6,000 of its budget on a headteacher's leaving party has resigned over 'financial irregularity'. Parents and politicians condemned the decision to use money from the ailing budget at Sherwood Park Community Primary School in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on the summer send-off for Keith Marden

Hospital consultant died on bike test run after pulling 115mph wheelie

Hospital consultant died on bike test run after pulling 115mph wheelieHeart expert Dr Andrew Richardson took a BMW S1000 RR super-bike out for a test run from a garage in north OxfordDr Richardson, who worked at Southampton General Hospital, Hants., texted his brother claiming to have 'pulled a wheelie at 115mph'BMW garage raised alarm when he didn't return from his test driveThe doctor was found in a ditch in Stonesfield by police at 5am the next day | UPDATED: 18:08 GMT, 8 December 2012 A leading hospital consultant was killed as he test-drove a top-of-the-range super-bike after boasting he had pulled a wheelie at 115mph, an inquest has heard. Heart expert Dr Andrew Richardson had taken the BMW S1000 RR out of a spin but died when he lost control on a double bend and was hurled into a ditch. Before his death the consultant cardiac anaesthetist sent a message from his phone claiming 'this bloody thing has just pulled a wheelie at 115mph in sixth gear on a country road.' Super-bike: Shortly before he died, Dr Andrew Richardson sent a text message to his brother claiming to have 'pulled a wheelie at 155mph' while test riding a BMW S1000 RR motorbike, pictured Salesmen at the BMW garage raised the alarm after Dr Richardson failed to return the superbike, which retails at more than 12,000, to them after he took it for a test drive

Top university rails at social engineering "dishonesty"

Top university admits it struggles to admit disadvantaged students without resorting to social engineering University said it struggled to admit more deprived students because few make the gradeInstitution – where Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met – said time to 'stop demonising higher education for poor progression rates’. | UPDATED: 02:05 GMT, 27 November 2012 A leading university has admitted it is struggling to admit more disadvantaged students without resorting to ‘utterly dishonest’ social engineering.