Friends fur life: Charming images shows adorable relationship of girl and her cat

Friends fur life: Impossibly cute pictures show the friendship between a girl and her beloved cat Russian photographer pictured his daughter with family pet over four yearsImages show the pair playing together with guitars, food and furniture props By Emily Davies PUBLISHED: 12:24 GMT, 13 April 2013 | UPDATED: 20:59 GMT, 13 April 2013 A collection of charming images showing a lifelong friendship between a four-year-old girl and her cat have been created by a Russian photographer. Andy Prokh, 44, from St Petersburg has taken a series of natural shots and staged photos of his daughter with the family pet

BREAKING NEWS: Coleen Rooney"s 14-year-old sister Rosie dies after lifelong battle with ill health

BREAKING NEWS: Coleen Rooney's 14-year-old sister Rosie dies after lifelong battle with ill healthShe suffered with the brain disorder Rett Syndrome, which affects developmentRosie died at home this morning, it has been confirmed The family have said they were 'blessed to have her in their lives' By Amanda Williams PUBLISHED: 14:29 GMT, 5 January 2013 | UPDATED: 14:50 GMT, 5 January 2013 Coleen Rooney's 14-year-old sister Rosie, who had fought a lifelong battle with ill health, died at home this morning, her family said. They added in a statement: 'As a family we are heartbroken but we are blessed to have had her in our lives.' Rosie McLoughlin suffered from the brain disorder Rett Syndrome – which also affects development.

The real priority is to keep families together

The real priority is to keep families together | UPDATED: 23:26 GMT, 26 December 2012 As a rule, judges should keep well clear of the political arena. But when a man sees as much as the High Court’s Sir Paul Coleridge of the devastation caused by family breakdown, it is easy to understand why he feels a duty to speak out.