The holy ghost: Apparition of late husband appears at granddaughter"s church christening in Facebook picture

Did dead grandfather make an ghostly appearance at christening of his granddaughter Apparition spotted on the wall of church in Facebook pictureHeather Sewell noticed familiar face hovering over family in photo Grandmother shocked as face looks 'very much' like late husband TerryPicture was taken at St Martin’s Church in Canterbury | UPDATED: 18:21 GMT, 20 December 2012 A grandmother was left astonished after a photo posted on Facebook from her granddaughter’s christening appeared to show the ghost of her late husband. When Heather Sewell, 50, first saw the picture she immediately spotted the apparition, bearing a striking resemblance to her late husband Terry. The black and white face can be seen above the church font hovering over baby Mia-Bella Kennett and the rest of the family

Ren and Stimpy: pruned tree looks just like cartoon character

It's Ren and Stumpy: Pruned branches look just like cartoon character Tree resembles cartoon dog from popular series The Ren & Stimpy Show | UPDATED: 20:24 GMT, 19 December 2012 One is a newly-pruned tree, the other is Ren, a cartoon Chihuahua from the popular Ren & Stimpy Show.