Prince Charles pays tributes to soldiers in special festive message to servicemen and women serving abroad

‘A very rare and precious letter’: Prince Charles reveals his longing for news from soldier son Harry in Christmas message for the troops The Prince of Wales paid tribute to servicemen and women serving abroadHe said the nation owes them an 'everlasting debt of gratitude'Prince Charles's Christmas message was broadcast to soldiers this morning | UPDATED: 14:30 GMT, 26 December 2012 Prince Charles has asked his son Harry to write more letters home from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan where he has been stationed since September. The Prince of Wales joked that replies to letters sent to Prince Harry on the frontline are 'rare and precious' in a Christmas radio broadcast to troops serving overseas. He encouraged all servicemen and women to write home over the festive period

Duchess of Cambridge pregnant: How well will William cope now Kate"s got a new No.1?

How well will William cope now Kate's got a new No.1 | UPDATED: 08:15 GMT, 5 December 2012 Morning sickness — in poor Kate’s case, an appallingly extreme version — is only the first indication of a shocking new reality that all parents must come to terms with: from now on, life’s no longer all about you. As far as the Duchess of Cambridge is concerned, I imagine this is a lesson that will come easily — for two reasons