Roman tomb of General Marcus Nonius Macrinus who inspired Russell Crowe"s Gladiator may have to be reburied

Tomb of Roman general who inspired Russell Crowe's Gladiator could be reburied as Italy can't afford to preserve it Burial place of Marcus Nonius Macrinus was found near river Tiber in 2008 It will be filled in unless 2m can be found to protect it from winter weather | UPDATED: 10:54 GMT, 10 December 2012 When archaeologists unearthed the well-preserved tomb of a second-century Roman general that had lain under muddy clay for 1800 years, their find was hailed as the most important ancient Roman monument to come to light for decades. The burial place of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, the general who advised Emperor Marcus Aurelius and fought Germanic tribes in the second century, was found at Saxa Rubra, north of Rome, in 2008, and boasted marble pillars and Latin inscriptions. But despite the joy of historians who pored over the important ancient mausoleum, Italian authorities say it may now have to be reburied as they cannot afford the preservation works necessary to keep it open.