Want your marriage to last? Live in Dorset! East of the county has highest number of married couples

Want your marriage to last Live in Dorset! East of the county has highest number of married couples In Wimborne Minster, Dorset, six out of ten adults are marriedTwice the rate of Manchester and some inner London boroughs By Steve Doughty PUBLISHED: 01:50 GMT, 14 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:50 GMT, 14 February 2013 It is not the prettiest of towns, nor the wealthiest, but it does seem to possess the secret to a successful marriage. Six out of ten adults in Wimborne Minster are married, the highest proportion in England and Wales and twice the rate of Manchester and some inner London boroughs. ‘East Dorset is the marriage hotspot of the country,’ said David Plumtree, of estate agency Barnard Marcus, which compiled the most married and most divorced districts, based on newly released figures from the 2011 national census

Childless couple desperate to start family claim "mother" gave birth in Sierra Leone and smuggle in a baby

Married couple desperate to start a family after trying for 13 years smuggle a baby into the UK from Sierra LeoneRaymonde Miessan, 39, pretended she had given birth overseasShe and husband Kacou named the baby Matys, or 'gift from god'They were jailed for 12 months and the boy is now in careMrs Miessan said she did it to save the child's life and give him a future By Inderdeep Bains PUBLISHED: 12:06 GMT, 4 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:23 GMT, 5 February 2013 Faking it: Raymonde Miessan, 39, claimed she had given birth in her native country A childless couple smuggled an African baby into Britain and tried to pass him off as their own. When confronted by the authorities, they admitted the newborn was not theirs but claimed he had been rescued from a rubbish bin. Kacou Miessan, 44, and his wife Raymonde, 39, had unsuccessfully undergone IVF treatment after trying to conceive for more than 13 years

French hostage killed by Somali militants during botched rescue mission

Two French commandos killed and hostage murdered by captors after daring helicopter raid on Somali militants ends in disaster Militant group al-Shabab had held French soldier Denis Allex since 2009French spies stormed house after arriving in five helicoptersThree civilians and 17 Islamists also killed during fire fight Operation came hours after pilot died during French attacks on Malian militants , looking gaunt, he sent a video message to new President Francois Hollande, telling how his hopes of a rescue were fading by the day. He calls on France to drop its 'oppressive attitude' towards Muslims and says Mr Hollande represented his last hope of rescue. Poignantly, he adds: 'I am alive.

Married woman, 38, who had six-month fling with teenage boy "she fell in love with" spared jail

Married woman, 38, who 'fell in love with teenage boy' is spared jail despite six-month sexual fling Marie Jane Friendship given six-month sentence suspended for two years Married 38-year-old, of Bristol, told friends she had fallen in love with boy She sought legal advice about affair now defence says her life is wrecked | UPDATED: 20:32 GMT, 12 December 2012 Spared jail: Marie Friendship, pictured arriving at Bristol Crown Court, was given a suspended sentence after admitting an affair with a teenage boy A married woman who had a six-month relationship with a teenage boy has been spared jail today. Marie Jane Friendship, 38, told people she was in love with the teenager and even sought advice from a solicitor about the legality of the affair

Gay couples can now "convert" civil partnerships to marriage in secret for 100

Gay couples who are in a civil partnership will be able to 'upgrade' it to marriage, complete with certificate, for 100Conversion would see same-sex couple able to change the legal status of their civil partnershipEquality campaigners condemn decision not to allow straight marriages to convert into civil partnershipsTory MP Peter Bone say it undermines marriage | UPDATED: 20:35 GMT, 11 December 2012 Thousands of gay couples in civil partnerships will be able to ‘convert’ their relationships to marriage in return for a 100 administration fee. Around 50,000 couples will be able to change the legal status of their relationship by simply filling in a form and popping it in the post along with a cheque to cover the cost of issuing a marriage certificate. In effect, the change in the law will mean that some gay couples will be able to get married without even having a wedding, with the result that some couples could become married in secret.

Downton Abbey: Crawley family head to the Scottish Highlands for Christmas Day special

Doonton Abbey: TV's beloved upper class clan swap their English manor house for spectacular Scottish castle after filming Christmas Day special in the Highlands | UPDATED: 01:06 GMT, 8 December 2012 It is Downton but not quite as we know it. This year the Crawley family and a few of their best loved servants are leaving Downton Abbey behind and heading to Scotland for a break

I stole another woman"s husband. Twenty years on, her kindness makes me sick with guilt every day

I stole another woman's husband. Twenty years on, her kindness makes me sick with guilt every day | UPDATED: 02:32 GMT, 29 November 2012 Regrets: Nicola Alexander wishes she hadn't fallen for a married man Sitting down to a roast dinner with my partner, our two children and his first family, I caught the glint of a ring from the corner of my eye and felt a familiar stab of guilt.