London semi where North Korean Supreme leader"s man keeps watch… on The X Factor

London semi where North Korean Supreme leader's man keeps watch… on The X Factor North Korean embassy is based near Acton Town tube station in a bay-windowed 1920s homeCarry On star Sid James lived down the same streetThe wife of Korean ambassador Hyon Hak Bong went out shopping as normal on Friday despite tensions in North Korea By Mail On Sunday Reporter PUBLISHED: 21:02 GMT, 6 April 2013 | UPDATED: 21:47 GMT, 6 April 2013 There is an unlikely corner of England that is forever North Korea. To get there, turn left out of Acton Town Tube station, right at the BP garage and walk past the cricket ground, but not quite as far as the mock-Tudor semi with the blue plaque where Carry On star Sid James lived

Serbian prime minister left speechless when glamorous interviewer has "Sharon Stone moment" during TV prank

You don't see that on Newsnight! Grinning Serbian prime minister left speechless when glamorous interviewer has 'Sharon Stone moment' during TV prankPresenter recreates famous scene from Basic Instinct during interview with Socialist party leader Ivica Dačić Uncrosses legs to reveal wardrobe indiscretion Prime Minister stumbles over his words but can't resist fleeting glanceYouTube video of stunt has been watched more than 1.2million times By Steve Robson PUBLISHED: 21:14 GMT, 30 January 2013 | UPDATED: 10:03 GMT, 31 January 2013 An X-rated TV prank has left the prime minister of Serbia feeling a little overexposed after he was flashed by a glamorous presenter during an interview. The country's Socialist party leader Ivica Dačić was midway through a discussion about Balkan politics when the young woman, wearing a particularly short mini dress, uncrossed her legs to reveal she wasn't wearing any underwear. The YouTube video, a clear copy of the famous scene starring Sharon Stone in the 1992 film Basic Instinct, has already had more than 1.2million hits.

Nasa prepares to crash probes into the surface of the moon on Monday night

Going out with a bang: Nasa prepares to crash probes into the surface of the moon in dramatic finale to year-long lunar mission The twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory spacecraft will crash on Monday nightMarks end of a year-long mission to the moon | UPDATED: 12:06 GMT, 14 December 2012 A year-long mission to learn what lies beneath the lunar surface will culminate next week with Nasa crashing a pair of small robotic science probes into the moon.

Cargo ship sinks: Dramatic scenes as 13 are rescued from freezing waters after North Sea ship collision

Dramatic pictures capture rescuers plucking 13 survivors from freezing waters after North Sea ship collision… but hope fades for six crew still missing The Baltic Ace car carrier sank after it collided with the Corvus J container ship off the coast of Rotterdam on Wednesday nightRescuers managed to lift 13 sailors to safety – six are still missingCoastguard is now reported to have called off the rescue operation Five bodies have been recovered following the crash off the Dutch coastCause of the collision is under investigation, but the manager of the Baltic Ace said today that human error was 'probably' to blame | UPDATED: 18:57 GMT, 6 December 2012 These infra-red pictures capture the dramatic scenes as 13 sailors were rescued from the icy waters of the North Sea after the Baltic Ace cargo ship collided with another vessel off the Dutch coast.

The astonishing pictures that reveal the moon"s battered past

The incredible images that reveal the full extent of the moon's battered past Nasa says images show lunar surface is 'far more broken up' than previously thoughtGravity maps were produced by twin Nasa spacecraft | UPDATED: 19:59 GMT, 5 December 2012 The moon took quite a beating in its early days, more than previously believed, scientists reported Wednesday. This surprising new view of the moon comes from detailed gravity mapping by twin NASA spacecraft, which slipped into orbit around the celestial body earlier this year to peer into the interior. Researchers have long known that the moon and rocky planets – including the Earth – suffered heavy bombardment from asteroids and comets during their formative years billions of years ago