LoFi Fisheye Digicam: Orders flood in for tiny digital camera invented by student Greg Dash

Orders flooding in for tiny fish-eye digital camera dreamed up by student, 25, who couldn't afford to buy pricey lens Greg Dash, 25, has sold 290 of his miniscule cameras in the first monthAll but wiped out seven years' worth of student debt in just four weeks65 camera is small enough to fit in the palm of its user's hand By Kerry Mcdermott PUBLISHED: 16:15 GMT, 2 April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:56 GMT, 3 April 2013 Student debt: Greg Dash, 25, said he has taken 290 pre-orders for his 65 cameras in just one month Student and photography buff Greg Dash was inspired to create his own tiny fish-eye camera after finding his budget wouldn't stretch to a pricey new lens.

Four die in two days after string of deadly avalanches sweep across the US

Four die in two days after string of deadly avalanches sweep across the USOn Saturday, a skier was killed in Colorado's Rockies after causing slideHe was found dead while a second man found alive buried for 90 minutesOther deaths on Friday were in Utah, Wyoming and New Hampshire By Mail Foreign Service PUBLISHED: 17:33 GMT, 4 March 2013 | UPDATED: 08:00 GMT, 5 March 2013 A backcountry skier has been killed and another critically injured after they triggered an avalanche in a Colorado mountain pass, in the fourth such fatality in two days as snowslides swept across the US.

Boy, 10, flown to hospital after slipping and falling 165ft down snow-covered mountain

Boy, 10, airlifted to hospital after slipping on snow and plunging 165ft down England's third highest mountain Boy from Preston was climbing down Swirral Edge ridge on HelvellynWhile walking on the Lake District mountain he slipped on a steep slope Had suspected pelvic and head injuries and flown to hospital with father By Mark Duell PUBLISHED: 08:37 GMT, 18 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:05 GMT, 18 February 2013 A 10-year-old boy was last night flown to hospital after falling 165ft down a snow-covered mountain. The boy, from Preston, Lancashire, was climbing down Swirral Edge ridge on Helvellyn in the Lake District with his father at 3:30pm yesterday when he slipped on a steep slope, mountain rescue said. A doctor and paramedic were dropped on the ridge by an air ambulance, and rescuers made their way to the boy.

Father, 42, on the school run dies and wife and children injured as two cars carrying same family slide off icy road into pond within five minutes of…

Father, 42, on the school run dies as his AND his wife's cars both plunge off same icy road into pond within minutes of each otherDavid and Ruth Cox were driving children to separate schoolsMrs Cox and son Ioan, nine, and Tess, 11, swam to safetyMr Cox said to have been unconscious in front of his blue Toyota AygoNeighbours and Mrs Cox frantically fought to save him from icy waters He was driving along a path near the Monsal Trail, north of the A6 in Derbyshire, when their car veered off the path and into the River Wye By Andy Dolan PUBLISHED: 18:21 GMT, 24 January 2013 | UPDATED: 02:10 GMT, 25 January 2013 A man died yesterday as his wife battled to save him when both their cars skidded off a bridlepath into an icy river. David and Ruth Cox were driving their children to separate schools when their vehicles flipped over and plunged into the water moments apart.

Ghosts of the mountains: Natural light phenomenon leaves haunting halo around shadow

Just what did this photographer capture in this 'Ghostly' man of the mountains Brocken Spectre is actually a person's shadow cast onto low-lying cloudsLight diffraction causes figures to be surrounded by a multi-coloured 'halo'Stunning examples photographed in Ukraine's Chatyr-Dag mountain regionAccording to climbers' superstition, whoever sees one will die the next day | UPDATED: 18:48 GMT, 19 December 2012 This eerie ghost-like figure left a group of trekkers stunned when it suddenly appeared over a mountain range, but it was nothing more than the rare natural phenomenon known as a Brocken Spectre.