Pregnant war veteran took daughter, 7, on 170,000 European heroin run so she could pretend they had been to Disneyland

Pregnant ex-soldier, 25, took daughter, 7, on 170,000 heroin run to Europe in plot to dupe Customs they had visited Disneyland Naomi Thriepland, 25, was jailed for four years and will have a baby in prisonMother was caught by customs crossing the Channel with 3.4kg of heroin and her child Aiesha beside her She told officials she had been to Disneyland Paris, but in fact was in Amsterdam collecting the drugsFormer soldier served in Iraq and Afghanistan but quit to spend time with her daughter . Despite denying she made previous drugs runs to Europe, Thriepland admitted she had made a 'dummy run' a month earlier

Is infidelity written all over a man"s face? Angular jaw, square chin, prominent brow suggest cheating

Is infidelity written all over a man’s face Angular jaw, square chin and prominent brow suggest man is prone to cheating | UPDATED: 09:58 GMT, 5 December 2012 Ladies, if you want to know if the man of your dreams will be faithful, look him in the jaw…or the chin or forehead. Research shows that women are able to judge a man’s fidelity simply by studying his face. Signs of a male who is prone to cheating include classic masculine features, such as a wide, angular jaw, a square chin and a prominent brow

Fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana go on trial in Italy for alleged tax evasion on 800m of royalties

Fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana go on trial in Italy for alleged tax evasion on 800m of royaltiesDesigners strongly deny any wrong-doing over tax evasion chargesDuo did not appear in court to defend claims they set up holding company abroad to avoid Italy's high tax ratesOne of many high-profile cases as Italy stamps down on tax dodgers | UPDATED: 15:37 GMT, 3 December 2012 Fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, have been put on today for alleged tax evasion. The investigation of the duo, who count pop star Madonna and model Naomi Campbell among their clients, is one of the most prominent tax cases involving celebrities in Italy