Primary school where ALL 440 pupils speak English as a second language receives glowing Ofsted report

British primary school where every single pupil is 'foreign' and speaks English as a second language (but it still received a glowing report from Ofsted) Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough most multi-cultural in BritainBut language barrier hasn't stopped major improvement in standards census of 1,600 schools, it was found English-speaking children are now in a minority, with the figures particularly startling in the 14 inner London boroughs, where there were 98,000 non-native English speakers compared to 78,000 who could list the language as their number one. Nationwide, there were 97 schools where the number of pupils speaking English as a mother tongue was fewer than one in 20 of the school population. After London, Birmingham had the highest concentration of 'foreign' pupils, followed by Bradford and then Leicester

Englishman, 81, who was evacuated to Wales during the war awakes from massive stroke speaking fluent WELSH

Englishman woke from coma after massive stroke to find he could only speak WELSHAlun Morgan evacuated to Wales as child, but never picked up native tongueDiagnosed with aphasia, which causes shift in the brain's language centre | UPDATED: 01:40 GMT, 28 December 2012 An English man woke from a stroke to discover that the only language he could speak was Welsh. Alun Morgan, 81, was forced to re-learn his native tongue, despite the fact that he had never been able to speak fluent Welsh. Indeed, he wasn’t entirely confident with his newfound talent and used a Welsh dictionary to make sure he was speaking it correctly

Andrew Marr"s History of the World: British Naturism accuses BBC of falsifying history

Naturists accuse BBC of major 'cover-up' by putting clothes on the actors in Andrew Marr's History Of The World British Naturism says the BBC has 'admitted to falsification of history' The programme depicts past civilisations in costumes which BN says are inconsistent with historical evidenceThe BBC says they are taking into account the 'sensitivities of the widest possible audience' | UPDATED: 10:45 GMT, 28 November 2012 Naturists have accused the BBC of falsifying history by covering up actors in their portrayal of civilisations that would have been naked in Andrew Marr’s History of the World.