Dressed in clothes for a seven-year-old teaching girls aged 12: Is 3ft tall Azad Singh the world"s smallest teacher?

My pupils call me Little Sir: 3ft tall Azad, 22, achieves his dream to be a teacher (by standing on the desk to reach the board)Azad Singh, 22, has a rare hormone disorder and stopped growing age fiveHe was bullied at school because he is just 3ft tall and weighs less than 3st By Emily Davies PUBLISHED: 00:03 GMT, 5 March 2013 | UPDATED: 04:08 GMT, 5 March 2013 At the age of 18 he was mistaken for a baby and labelled a circus freak, but 3ft tall Azad Singh has achieved his dreams of becoming a teacher – the world's smallest to be precise. Mr Singh has a rare genetic disorder which meant he stopped growing at the age of five and at the age of 22 is trapped in a child's body

It"s Goodbye Mr Chips: Just one of 200,000 surnames now extinct in England and Wales

It's Goodbye Mr Chips: Just one of 200,000 surnames now extinct in England and Wales Many familiar surnames have died out since 1901 Woodbead, Rummage and Jarsdel among others under threatFamous names such as Mirren, Bonneville and Nighy could also go By David Wilkes PUBLISHED: 01:41 GMT, 22 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:01 GMT, 22 February 2013 Actor Martin Clunes playing Mr Chips in the the classic novel – a surname which is one of 200,000 now extinct For the schoolmaster of the classic novel, ‘Mr Chips’ was an affectionate nickname. And sadly it seems that’s the only way it will survive

TV researcher, 24, forced to unmask pervert caller who tormented her for 18 months herself after police ignored pleas for help

TV researcher, 24, forced to unmask pervert caller herself after 18 months of torment during which police ignored pleas for help Sophie Daysh from London paid online phone company to discover caller's identity Abdul Rafiq, 43, got her number after showing her a flat in Manchester | UPDATED: 01:26 GMT, 21 December 2012 Detective: Sophie Daysh used her own methods to trace the caller who rang her at all hours after the police said they could not take action She was left distressed and frightened after being plagued by a phone pest for more than 18 months. But when Sophie Daysh turned to the police, they told her they were powerless to help because the caller had withheld his number. Eventually the 24-year-old TV researcher turned detective herself to expose the stalker who rang her all hours of the day and night.