White House imposes picture black-out on Obama"s boys" weekend golf with love-cheat Tiger Woods

Why so shy, Mr President White House imposes picture black-out on Obama's '$1million' golf holiday with love-cheat TigerPlayed with famous philanderer on Sunday after eight-hour lesson with Woods' former coach on SaturdayKept press out of the weekend and didn't release any picturesThree planes breach no-fly zone overheadCost of Air Force One trips to and from Florida, along with hotel rooms, greens fees and exclusive golf lessons comes to $989,207 , it cost $179,750 per flight hour to run Air Force One. Going off that rate- even though it is likely higher now since gas prices have risen- the cost of the flights to Florida and back to Washington on Monday totaled $943,687.50.

Obama"s tears won"t

Obama's tears won't stop the slaughter | UPDATED: 22:40 GMT, 16 December 2012 The latest firearm atrocity in America — 20 small children and six adults shot to death by a suicidal 20-year-old ‘loner’, Adam Lanza — is attended by the usual hand-wringing debate about gun control. Those who seek new restraints — particularly on automatic, rapid-firing weapons — say: ‘If not now, when’ But those against gun control quote the 2nd Amendment of the U.S.