Solicitors "ran immigration scam arranging thousands of sham marriages by submitting touching love stories about couples who"d only just…

Solicitors 'ran immigration scam arranging thousands of sham marriages by submitting touching love stories about couples who'd only just met'Gang arranged for brides or husbands from EU to marry non EU individualsAt one stage several EU citizens a day were flown in from Eastern EuropeThey were housed in London before going to various registry offices By Tom Kelly PUBLISHED: 16:18 GMT, 11 January 2013 | UPDATED: 18:39 GMT, 11 January 2013 A law firm invented scores of 'touching' love stories about foreign couples to convince immigration authorities that their sham marriages were real, a court heard yesterday.

Investment banker Thomas Ammann jailed for helping lovers make 1.5m by leaking inside information

Investment banker jailed for helping his two lovers make more than 1.5m by leaking confidential inside information Thomas Ammann persuaded two girlfriends to invest in shares in Dutch photocopy company Oce, knowing they were going to go up in price Love-rat netted close to 500,000 after agreeing to split profitsBanker jailed for two years and eight months today after pleading guilty to two counts of encouraging insider dealing and two counts of insider dealing | UPDATED: 01:15 GMT, 14 December 2012 Thomas Ammann, 39, pictured yesterday as he was jailed, handed over price sensitive details to his two girlfriends about a takeover bid The serial love-rat who tricked two of his girlfriends into carrying out illegal trades worth almost 1.8million was jailed for two years and eight months yesterday. Thomas Ammann, who wears a toupee, persuaded Christina Weckwerth and Jessica Mang to buy and sell shares in a firm he knew to be the subject of a future City takeover bid. Ammann, who worked at the London offices of Japanese bank Mizuho, was one of only seven at the bank who knew that global electronics company Canon was planning a takeover of Dutch printing firm Oce.

Two men become first in Britain jailed for land banking fraud for 3m deception

Two men who masterminded 3m deception of elderly and vulnerable people become first in Britain to be jailed for land banking fraud Omar Eshpari and Stefan Mitchell set up a string of fraudulent companiesThey conned people into buying land that was worthless or over-pricedThey were jailed for seven and six years respectively todayCommander Steve Head said it was a 'landmark moment' for combating and preventing fraud | UPDATED: 21:51 GMT, 6 December 2012 Two men have become the first in Britain to be jailed for land banking fraud today after conning elderly and vulnerable people out of 3million. Omar Eshpari, 33, and Stefan Mitchell, 42, masterminded the deception, conning people into buying plots of land that were either worthless or massively over-priced

Post Office customers forced to queue for too long then offered services they don"t want

Our too-pushy post offices: Customers forced to queue for too long before being offered services they don’t want | UPDATED: 07:50 GMT, 28 November 2012 Long queues: The Post Office has been criticised over waiting times following a mystery shopping test around the country Customers are queuing for up to ten minutes to be served at post offices then pressed to buy services they do not want, a report says today. Campaign group Consumer Focus criticises the use of ‘active up-selling’ at Post Offices, which sell all types of financial products from travel money to mortgages, and warns of ‘a considerable number of consumers being charged for a more expensive product when cheaper alternatives would better meet their needs’.