DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Patients must have dignity until the end

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Patients must have dignity until the end | UPDATED: 00:26 GMT, 22 December 2012 Sadly, it has been a year in which disturbing questions have been asked about the way Britain’s health service – so admirable in so many ways – treats the sick and dying. There have been terrible instances of patients being killed by malnutrition and dehydration. Only this month, the Labour MP Ann Clwyd told how her husband – treated with ‘indifference and contempt’ by NHS nurses – had died ‘like a battery hen’.

George Entwistle asked for MORE to leave BBC as Lord Patten admits payoff is "a hell of a lot of money"

BBC chief who got 450,000 golden goodbye after just 54 days in the job wanted MOREBBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten defended Mr Entwistle's 450,000 payoff after just 54 days in the job as Director-General Before his dramatic resignation, Mr Entwistle asked Lord Patten 'Are you urging me to go' Trust chairman replied, 'No, but we are not urging you to stay'They finally agreed a deal of one year's salary, legal fees and private healthcare for 12 monthsIf Savile inquiries conclude Mr Entwistle breached broadcasting guidelines, BBC can claw back moneyLord Patten refuses to publish hours he works calling it 'impertinent' Licence fee payers will pick up bill for two BBC Savile inquiries, MPs told, with 200,000 spent so far Those interviewed as part of Pollard review will each get up to 50,000 of legal fees paid, acting DG Tim Davie reveals | UPDATED: 04:08 GMT, 28 November 2012 George Entwistle demanded even more than the 450,000 exit deal he secured after a disastrous 54 days as director general of the BBC, it emerged yesterday.