No thanks! Handwriting thank you notes is among fastest disappearing skills in modern Britain

No thanks! Handwriting thank you notes is among fastest disappearing skills in modern BritainSurvey results suggest that a written thank you note is obsolete The use of dictionaries and mental arithmetic is in declineReading a map or going to the library is also considered old fashioned By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 19:21 GMT, 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:47 GMT, 14 January 2013 Some would say it is the only acceptable response to receiving a gift, or enjoying an evening at a friend's home. But the practice of handwriting 'thank you' notes is among the fastest disappearing skills in modern Britain


Welcome to Kabul: Panoramic postcards from the war-torn city circled by mountains (and some of them make you want to visit) | UPDATED: 21:11 GMT, 12 December 2012 Kabul, the war-torn capital of Afghanistan, is not a city for the faint-hearted, and few tourists venture there. Years of war since it was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1979 to the present day have ravaged the city's sprawling neighbourhoods that are now home to 3.2 million people. But as these spectacular picture postcard snaps show, the world's fifth fastest growing metropolis, which stands wedged between the Hindu Kush mountains and the Kabul River, is still as stunning as ever.

Village green at popular vantage spot in Cotswold village is replaced with artificial grass

Turfed out: The Cotswold village green that's so popular with tourists they've had to plant artificial grass The grass in Bourton on the Water was being left threadbare by tourists Councillors hope they will save money with long-lasting imitation grass | UPDATED: 16:31 GMT, 10 December 2012 A village green in a Cotswold beauty spot has been partly replaced with artificial turf after the grass was being ruined by crowds of tourists.