"Jesus was gay"! Church sparks outrage with claim son of God "should come out"

'Jesus was gay'! Church sparks outrage with claim son of God 'should come out'Reverend claims controversial billboard is mean to 'lift' humanity of Jesus | UPDATED: 13:12 GMT, 17 December 2012 It is the season of glad tidings and forgiveness. But many Christians living in Auckland, New Zealand, are struggling to find goodwill in their hearts for the latest in a series of controversial billboards coming out from the Church of St Matthew in the City. 'It's Christmas.

Jessica Ennis hailed as "the face of today"s Britain" as census figures reveal mixed-race rise

Britain's mixed race population leaps over one million as research reveals prejudices have sharply dropped Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis hailed as 'face of the census' according to think-tank director Her father Vinnie is from Jamaica and her mother Alison is from DerbyshireCensus expected to reveal at least 1m people born to mixed race parentsOnly 42% of people in survey could correctly identify Ennis as mixed race Women more comfortable with mixed race marriages than men by 66 to 58% | UPDATED: 00:30 GMT, 10 December 2012 The mixed-race population is among the fastest growing in Britain and is already the largest ethnic group among under-16s. Data from the 2011 census, released tomorrow, will suggest there are now more than one million people born to parents in interracial relationships. But academics believe the true figure could be more than double this, because many of mixed-race are believed to define themselves as a single race on official forms.