Bread that stays mould-free for two months: American company Microzap uses microwave technology to kill spores that lead to mould

Scientists use their loaf to invent way of keeping bread mould-free for two MONTHSMicrowave technology can kill the spores that lead to mouldAmerican company believes technology could end food wastage Almost one-in-three loaves in the UK is thrown in the bin | UPDATED: 01:03 GMT, 1 December 2012 Scroll down for video Going to waste: An American company says it has developed a technique to keep bread mould-free for two months. It uses microwave technology to kill mould-forming spores With a third of bread bought by the British public ending up in the bin, one company has used its loaf…to develop a technique that keeps the mould away for two months. Scientists claim to have developed a microwave technique which sterilises food without cooking, helping to extend its shelf-life and minimise the use of preservatives.