Creator of Thunderbirds Gerry Anderson dies aged 83 after long Alzheimer"s battle

'Inspirational' creator of Thunderbirds Gerry Anderson dies aged 83 after long Alzheimer's battle Father of four created classic sci-fi series but had been battling dementia One of Britain's leading creative brains over six-decade production career Family is 'touched by the outpouring of gratitude for what dad did for TV' | UPDATED: 00:48 GMT, 27 December 2012 Gerry Anderson, the creator of classic TV series Thunderbirds and Stingray, has died aged 83. The father of four, of Nuffield, Oxfordshire, who also created the Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 shows – had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for almost three years and died peacefully in his sleep

Tens of thousands of bogus British companies run by sham directors cheat the tax system out of millions with "aggressive evasion" practices

Exposed: The brokers cheating the tax system by helping to set up tens of thousands of bogus British companiesMore than 20,000 companies being run by only a few dozen people, BBC Panorama findsIndividuals are being paid to front businesses in tax havens they have nothing to do with – an illegal act in the UKProbe films brokers admitting more chance of winning the lottery than being caught by HMRCAnother man says about tax evasion 'we wouldn't give a monkeys' | UPDATED: 16:57 GMT, 26 November 2012 A web of tens of thousands of bogus companies set up in Britain and fronted by sham directors dotted around the globe is helping aggressive tax evaders and criminals keep millions, an investigation revealed today. An undercover BBC probe has exposed the illegal scam after they secretly filmed brokers bragging they had more chance of 'winning the lottery' than being caught by HM Revenue and Customs. Tonight's Panorama lays bare a network of at least 21,000 of these companies, headed by just a few dozen puppet managers in various obscure countries who are paid just to front the tax fiddle.